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    _________________/ I N T R O D U C T I O N \_________________
    The Empire is a nation dedicated to providing Stability, Prosperity and Security to those within its dominion. A powerful autocratic military coexisting with a free and prosperous civil society.  Live in a free city of thousands, create or join a company and rise to the top of the economic powerhouse. Launch yourself into the sky as a soldier for the Imperial Military and experience intense tactical warfare. A place to encounter situations you would never have dreamed possible.
    B A S I C S
    The Empire is a new form of government founded on an absolute monarchy, It has been rethought from the ground up to secure a free and stable society. 
    B E N I F I T S
    Without competing political parties, corruption is abolished, no politician can be bribed as there is no fear of losing power. This creates a surprisingly equal society outside the palace. With a constant leader, the Empire can make important decisions quickly and save thousands of peoples creations and lives. 
    "you can do what you have only dreamed of, but now you are contributing to an Empire. "
    _________________/ C O R P O R A T I O N S \_________________
    The Empire provides a fully functional civil sector to corporations. If you are looking to mine, construct or trade in any way register your organisation as a corporation and you will receive the benefits of our civil sector.
    C O P Y R I G H T 
    Legally protect your intellectual property.
    C O N T R A C T I N G
      Create legal documents that the Empire will force to be upheld.
    T A X   F R E E
    Base yourself without Taxes, maximise your potential.
    Looking to trade with the Empire and its citizens? Aquire a license to do so here:
    _________________/ M I L I T A R Y  &  P O W E R \_________________
    The Empire is a peaceful organisation but it's inevitable that there will be those seeking to conquer lands and destroy what many people have worked so hard to achieve. It is because of this reason that our military is so fierce and powerful, providing an exciting and dynamic experience to Soldiers as well as keeping the citizens of the Empires minds at peace as they can be guaranteed that they will never see the horrors of war. 
    The Empires military is designed to be effective, build from its very foundations it has become something to be feared, It's intention is to ensure the peace and prosperity upheld by the Empire at all costs. 
     B E   R E C R U I T E D
    No one is treated unfairly, everyone who joins the military stands the same as every other candidate. You have to earn your way through the ranks. 
    Have yourself stand out as a war hero, give your ship a tint of artwork to install fear into your enemies as your stare them down in battle, you have the flexibility to become a legend. 

    _______________________/ L I N K S \_______________________
    W E B S I T E O R G A N I S A T I O N S     P A G E D I S C O R D T W I T T E R Y O U T U B E  
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