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  1. @Draqolas I would just like you to sit down and explain the evidence you have on Legion abuse. (and by evidence, I mean not a random screen of a radar screen x'D) I can assure you that 3/4 of our kills are simply due to the fact that people make mistakes or have a lack of experience in PVP, the rest is only time that we invest in the game, in camping or checking roids. PVP zone isn't supposed to be an area where people love each other and don't shoot each other, you need pirates, you need risk and right now PVP costs more to pirates than to victims, so why are you complaining? Sneaky Snake does not only attack Legion, he also attacks all the haulers possible (check his video >.>) and this from the beginning of the game, thinking that without Legion the PVP will be easier and that your friends will not be killed is an utopia. (On his video against the Legion Argosy, they all have the Legion tag, they use it to make you believe it's us and you follow them like sheep without trying to understand the troll) At Legion we have not increased our number of org since the start of the beta, by leaving AC we even reduced our number a lot (imagine if we still be allied with IC / ZC / STC / DSI ...), our goal is not to be the only power, we just want to do some good PVP fight and therefore, we leave the possibility to the players to fight our "supremacy" by allying themselves and easily exceeding our number. You can say whatever you want, Legion is a necessary threat, if one day we disappear after your attempts to make this game boring and irrelevant, you will realize your mistake but no one will come to dry your tears.
  2. Damn... Can you plz stop follow this troll SneakySnake? It's just a simple radar with a screen for dynamic/static/transponder... STOP CRYING AGAINST LEGION EVERY F*CKING TIMES. It's a old script, you can find some old screenshot of it in gallery on discord. Now, for your "1)" point, just check this and you will understand why Sneaky got only haulers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3ZXTj94ScE And ask him why he used that or report it, but stop talking about Legion when the only ppl who exploit and use this stuff is Sneaky and CVA themself against us.
  3. If you add that it doesn't represent the current state of the game then yeah why not... But this is a huge joke, the fights are done at ~1SU + constantly and even if we wanted the desynchronization and the lag make it impossible at very close range, the current meta turn around the Nano ships (without voxels for the lowest cross section) because of the shields, the XS/S ships have no interest (range/dmg etc), railguns have been destroyed by the update and no one uses them anymore without being totally blind or having no other choice... Make an effort on your game before putting an effort on its image, it starts to take a long time to wait. And nice cast, if these are your only contacts in the community, we understand the problems of the game. There are a lot of players doing everything to help you and give you some good ideas, even when your mission control/atv system is no longer used... Listen them and give us what DU should have been a long time ago, a good game for which we can be proud to play and see promotional videos.
  4. We didn't join Legion, Legion is just the old AC PVP orgs, nothing more. We got 0 NAP, 0 allies, 0 asteroids pass... How all the other group org can't beat us? Cuz they don't want to (too lazy?) or cuz the game is boring atm but just like SB will be once we have enough hours on it or any other sandbox game. We all need content, but if our enemies are looking for content we are always there, the reverse is unfortunately false. Yet it's us who are blamed
  5. Until someone beat you on it and you will install another game... 😕 Why people blame Legion when all other "big group" just prefer to run away from the first difficulty
  6. Can't wait for you to resume the game, we'll have fun together
  7. Hi Deckard, First, we need fixes for lag, desync, miss and all the recurring PVP problems that make the game uninteresting and make players leave. Battles on DU are made of small fleets and it is abnormal that a simple 1vs1 is difficult to bear because of these concerns. Not to mention the many abuses left possible with the alt F4 to stop the ship + reconnections to resume the same speed while we had to brake to not lose the target, the dead cores which never stop if there is a VR or a person who reconnects on it etc... Stop Janko ship (stacked elements/glitched) and elements/weapons deep in the voxels. We need a solution for piracy. Disconnecting characters on ships was not interesting and you did well to prevent that, but we need new solutions. With the arrival of shields it will be even more complex to intercept hauler which, once they see us on the outskirts of the planets, will return to SafeZone or they will be out of the pipes and therefore inscannable for us. We would therefore need radars with more range (at the same time making high tier railguns and radar interesting) or a tracking system. We need recycling, in order to be able to make a minimum profit from totally destroyed vessels, instead of storing them in pieces in containers without being able to use the damaged elements for BP or sales. And soon with the asteroids, we need a system that is more open to team play. Currently they are so small and so rare for high thirds that it is going to be a real headache and if small groups or solo players are not attracted to this content because of the big PVP groups, they will not create any content, the others will not come any more or will avoid the fight and will come to mine in jetpack. If there are more high-tier asteroids, there is less risk, so more people will take risks. Finally, the PVP balance does not matter to me, I prefer to have a game that works even without a meta that I like. Give us the opportunity to play, that's all we ask.
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