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  1. I totally disagree and I principally kills players on pipes those day (no time for roaming for nothing due to my job) The DU unofficial killboard talk by itself, or internal killboards are clear, roids kills are mainly throwaway ship. Adding more tool for dodge PVP players or protect more miners will just help them to continue this. On a MMO, I prefer push the players for regroup or pay some mercenary or any other way than just allow a free farm for everyone and annhilate the utility of trying to defend your stuff.
  2. Except I was the first one to report each broken mechanic to Deckard and co. But you can see my DM better than me obviously. It's nice to be judged by a guy who has no experience on the subject and who attributes random things to his interlocutor to make his arguments more valid. Just test PVP and we will talk after, for real, you will understand that your broken mechanic don't exist and you will just find a huge time sink.
  3. Please don't talk about something you never experienced. I did some piracy and PVP, not just ganking random on roid. So please, move your hands for craft or buy a PVP ship and try what is really a roaming on roids, you will see what is our real content. Players with at least some functionnal parts in their brain can easily dodge a gank on roid, or they can trap on it, or simply just take the information and come back later. This game is perfect for carebears, they can do everything without a single risk, some of the roids rare/exo still spawn at 2SU of the safezone, so please, stop cry when you don't understand anything else than what your wallet want. We are here for push this game in something better, not killing it.
  4. Time sink and less risk in PVP, it's NQ after all... Listen players who don't just think with their wallet seems hard.
  5. Salvage changes are cool. Asteroids change are really oriented around carebears... Why people still need more no risk in PVP? Do you even listen NQ what we need and how people are full of ressources? - No more discovered tab = nerf for piracy even if it's hard to find a roid with just a random first coords (can be in a circle of 14SU+) - No more timed spawn + random tier of roid = a PVP player will have to randomly pick a roid, go for it and find sometimes just a basic one, without interest or content... How can you think it will be a good thing for us? It will just add more time lost to PVP gameplay, we REALLY need that thx! Just check how miners and safezone players are happy, you give them a real free farm pass. We need a good patch for PVP asap please.
  6. Oy, great first post.
  7. We saw what players do with illimited ressources: NOTHING. The entire beta was a shitshow where people with billions of quantas and ressources cryied for nerf PVP and co, without creating something, just stack ressources like retards. So yeah, we need changes, but clearly not more nerf about PVP, this game need risk and REWARD.
  8. Exactly the people who ruin this game, NQ listen players like you too much time and we got this carebear game atm. With all the PVP content nerf all time for allowing safe farm and safe quanta. It's you who actually destroy the economy and the game, just think about what the game need, not what YOU need for don't get hurts too much in your ego.
  9. 260k tiles on Alioth and you are tilt for 20 scans... I just think this game is not for you imo. Btw there is no interest in T4/T5 on planets, except creating less content in PVP or interactions between orgs/alliance and not enough roid in SZ (MU just need to be nerfed, cuz they created an imbalance with the main big tiles already reserved and NQ need to push players to go on roids, even in SZ)
  10. I just killed a guy close to Teoma, coming from Madis for sure He got a Large package in his container Why this Large package is just sold 120k on Teoma? Why you don't link a package to the destination planet (if the destination of this package was Teoma, then he can be sold only on it) and push the price per unit to 3.7M? (dunno the actual real reward for this mission) I mean just put a different ID to each mission package, the victim will lost his collateral and the pirate will win a real reward and not this useless one. Dunno if it's a perfect idea, or if it's easy to abuse, but we really need more interest in this, piracy take time, create a real risk and need to have a real reward too!
  11. Lame stream without any real announcement, you continue to brake all time all our hope in this game NQ. Please reconsider how you manage this game and what players really want. 3 months before the first patch, 3 months with a Beta wipe into another beta with the exact same bugs but with less support and no help ingame anymore (Thx to Ligo who spend hours of his time for solve some of our problem, without him all my ticket go 0 reply in months), 3+ months without change the wrecks, the ore dispatch, roids... All this topic was oppened months before, we warned you and YOU NEVER LISTENNED YOUR COMMUNITY except your biggest carebears who just think about themself and their [filtered]ing pets. Your priorities are bad, as usual, and you never learn from your mistake... We don't work for this game but some of us paid years of subscription for support you when you need money, but personally I didn't pay 3 accounts for years for let this game die because of your choice. We are still here, stop [filtered]ing ignore us.
  12. (My offer end in 2 months when my new shop will open so... :D)
  13. If NQ need some help for create interesting event for the end of those 2 years of beta, I'm up. I can give idea/setup things/create ship/create station... What you want. Don't hesitate to ask, it's better than just setup 4 dispensers. You couldn't do worse trolling the PVP community
  14. Well, with the last Ask Aphelia, NQ seems to take the wrong way again. So they decided that all tier of ore will be available in Safezone (outer planets are just an extension of the safezone without territory warfare or any cancel warp mechanic) What are the pros and cons for this decision? PROS - Players will don’t have to go in Space and they will not cry on forum against those terrorist nolife who killed them - Can fit with the territory warfare (but how? when? And if we got something similar to alien core outch…) CONS - Recreate the same problem of imbalance between players who are here at start and others - Players will got no interest in PVP content, asteroids or in alien core - If any balance is needed NQ will be stuck for change value of ore, when they will don’t have this problem if high tier will only be foundable on roids (put less/more roids with less/more ore and you solve any balance problem). Imagine trying to balance ore on planets where ppl decided to put they entire MU or else… It’s clearly the right way for redo the same beta mistakes - Creating a DualUniverse with no risk (don’t talk about alien core, it’s just for keep PvP players busy far from other players) will result in less interest in org/alliance, less interest in mercenary, in piracy… just in every interaction possible, friendly or not. - The economy will be again ruined by the 0 lost elements/ship rule setup by NQ in PVE and with nobody in PVP Why NQ can’t listen any suggestions PVP oriented?
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