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  1. How would the suggestion not be healthy for the game? EvE uses similar rules. They have permanent space safe zones for players. All the other suggestions are valid and actually address issues. You people are just trying to completely ruin DU with niche gank style PVP. And god forbid when planet warfare starts, it will just become RUST in space and people will leave the game in mass. Not everyone wants to build shitty boxes and keep repairing shit 101 times when they spend weeks making stuff. Right now the cost of building is too high to replace things. And voxels are basically paper, even i
  2. I am pro PVP. But it seems to me that the PVP players here crying, want everything one sided, and want no one to have any defense at all. Everyone would just be a glass cannon, and all fights will continue to just be pure ganking for no actual purpose. I want PVP. But not that kind of PVP. That just boring and frankly griefing. Right now PVP is complete trash, and everyone is using silly Borg Cubes. There is no proper defense for players who don't want to PVP at all. Which is insane to me. PVP has to be balanced for both PVE players and PVP players. Or this game will fail. Period. The PVP w
  3. I completely agree with you 100%. You couldn't have said this better. If NQ doesn't actually start taking a good hard look at PVP and make some solid changes, the game is dead in beta. And that's just the blunt truth.
  4. Frankly, they need to wipe. We would be better off with a wipe. This is a PAID beta. Not a free beta.
  5. NQ has not earned any love atm. When someone does something poorly, badly, etc we don't praise that behavior. Being a employee just about anywhere is stressful and we all work extremely hard in 2020. We don't need to be praising people for doing their basic job unless they are Healthcare, EMS, Fire Department, Police, Teacher, etc. You know what my boss would do to my team if we couldn't get our servers working in two weeks? He'd fire us all, because we clearly can't do our jobs. The thing is more than enough time has passed now for these issues to have been fixed. People are upset and righ
  6. The thing is more than enough time has passed now for these issues to have been fixed. So at this point either NQ does not have the money to properly upgrade the servers or they don't know what they are doing. And that's the honest truth. No more excuses need to be made for NQ anymore. It's been 2 weeks, and this is the worst beta release I have ever seen in 20 years. DU should have NEVER been a single server for everyone, for any reason. DU needs to be at least 3 completely separate server shards. And until they understand that the tech. simply doesn't work for what they are trying to do, the
  7. Frankly NQ has no excuse for these issues to still be a major thing. Their servers are with Amazon, and this can be easily fixed by upgrading. While I admit that most likely 25% of these issues are on client end. The other 75% are NQs problem. And NQs sheer lack of communication on the issues prove this. They are trying to take the stance of "If we just don't say anything, maybe it will go away." Which is BS.
  8. And to be very honest here. If the server issues aren't fixed this week. I have enough recorded video to make a video covering the sheer lack of professionalism on NQs part. So future people buying know just how bad things really are, before buying. And I plan to do so.
  9. Michaelk, No NQ has not stated anything about these problems. They have yet to officially stated any form of communication regarding server issues. People keep buying the game, and the server issues keep mounting. NQ is more than happy to take peoples money, even when they can't actually play the game. Which is sickening. I think we all completely understand they are a small team making a big game. I'm certain that's rough. But there is simply no excuse for server issues to still be a problem nearly a week in to the Beta. As for the Discord. It's a toxic mega fanboy fan club. It's not ev
  10. Dear NQ, While I am sure you are working steadily and extremely focused on dealing with the current server issues. I feel it's warranted since it's been nearly a week dealing with these issues, that server issues need to come to an end. And sooner than later. All Betas have a rough start. However this is the worse my community and myself have ever seen. Server issues for much longer are simply not going to be accepted by the DU community. We are starting to lose players, because they have a bad taste in their mouths, and most will not return. Players are spending hours and in
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