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  1. You can find a tutorial on youtube and no you cant pick a tcu up
  2. There are alot of issues, They cant announce there they are fixing each specific issue.
  3. Then dont play the game. If you want something that has set content then find another game.
  4. Them only letting you buy what is it 3 months rn is to help them afford to keep the servers running and the ability to constantly upgrade them. 20 bucks for 3 months is not bad at all.
  5. You do realize that the community makes the content correct? If you were following the game you would know that.
  6. imagine saying the its a failed game while the game is still being made lol.
  7. See I just love how people most likely not even in the development scene can complain about a company not fixing a server issue a week into beta. ITS BETA AND BEFORE YOU BUY IT, ITS STATES ISSUES CAN HAPPEN. There the first to create a server that can hold the amount of people it holds with the scale of the game. You cant just hear a problem and automatically know how to fix it. These things take time. So how about you stop sitting on your high horse and give them time or go make your own damn game and see how hard it is. I so tired of people bashing nq because they cant fix a problem when you want them to.
  8. one, you know theres a flatten tool right. Also ofcourse there not gonna give you tutorials on how to do everything in the game. It's a sandbox that wants the community to pretty much run the game. When you dont know how to do something you hire someone else to. Boom, an economy. And imagine comparing du to second life or two games that have the ablity to ahve a complex building system rather thena game that has to give some things up due to the fact theres only one server with alot of shit on it.
  9. Hello, My name is sinfil and im currently looking for a org that has a military needing officers. I have hr experience in many different games and 2ic in a org called WILD.
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