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  1. It's all in the title, I'd love to play again and so does people from my group there were about 15 of us. Schematics made us all leave. We are just waiting for you guys to remove that bullshit and obviously add more content and stuff to do wouldn't be that bad. Like more star systems, random ship crashes to harvest, random NPC ships to take down transporting ressources from planet to planet... There are 2 things I like from Starbase that I believe could be a great addition on DU : A ship building program within the program that's working a bit like the Unreal Engine (being able to make blueprints without having what is needed yet is a must honestly) and the FPS part with weapons that would be amazing on DU.
  2. SCHEMATICS me as well as all the people from my group (about 15 of us).
  3. Je sais pas comment les gens peuvent encore défendre les schématiques. Ca a complétement tué le jeu. Il y avait pas des millions de joueurs mais il y avait une certaines population bien que l'on manquait énormément de contenu pour rendre le jeu amusant. Ce n'est pas une question de joueurs, nous étions une 15ène de joueurs dans mon groupe après le patch des schématiques nous sommes devenus : 0. Tous le monde ne voulait plus jouer, c'était déjà énormément demandant en temps de jouer à ce jeu et maintenant c'est un job.
  4. We are not as smart as you think we are, could we have a more detailed explaination of how to make it work. I just can't make it work and I'd love to use that ^^
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