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  1. With the hover tech, if you are able to store a list of waypoints in a script, you can have any "rail" system you want without any proper "rail" at all Anyway, energy/fuel might be a problem for an automated train/elevator
  2. Hi, I don't think more official info is available on this topic at the moment. Like you I feel confused about this right now.
  3. I'd like to talk about how a player or group of player can share "locations" in game with other players. I feel like a "bookmark system" is required from a player perspective in order to store and access some "Point Of Interest" that we may have saved before. Let say I find a nice place to create a house and want to come back later, "/savepos future house" could create a POI in my "datapad" that I could rename and send to another player via mail/chat or even using voice by spelling the coordinates. Ideally, this POI could be "enabled/disabled" as a waypoint in my HUD. Obviously, after quite some time in the game, a player can have visited a fair number of planet and location. Having a planetary map can help dealing with sorting issues, like it was the case in SWG. In DU, such a map can be used to visualize your POIs, but also display Territorial boundaries and related informations. Maybe this map could be obstructed by a "fog of war" like in a RTS game minimap. You could share/sell map data and waypoints with other players in order to gain time in your explorations. As a city mayor it may become possible to "broadcast" your city position via IFF/beacon for all player able to receive the broadcast. The POI get automatically sorted under the City folder as the IFF/beacon is setup with a variable "type=city". The same can be applied to space station and all. Maybe we can envision a sort of element to broadcast this type specifically. This element could be obtained in the "Politician" skill tree. User reviews could be attached to those POI for all to read and comment if their experience there, or the services rendered are good or a scam. I think it is important for the player to feel the vastness of the planet, and to be able to navigate efficiently trough it at some points. That was for planets, but in space with the scale of a solar system, it may require a dedicated 3D map.
  4. Just a few words to say NQ is going to have some load problems there https://community.dualthegame.com/organizations The whole list is loaded for each call of the page, and it seems there is no caching mechanism implemented (vegur being just a proxy)
  5. I keep getting asked those questions by ppl I am trying to involve in the game. I suppose the devs will have to implement a self regenerating process around the arkship (at least for dirt/grass and non valuable materials) having a "new" arkship discovered and repaired on another planet could be another solution, as it becomes the new default spawn location and the original one fade into oblivion.
  6. Hi, They will probably not implement any teleporter. It was more or less stated in the devblog about "Resurection Node" that they will prevent teleportation to become a thing I am happy with that. If we could teleport between our "secured locations", this would kill the pirate gameplay
  7. Hi, I believe you will be able to setup what ever you want within your organization via the "tag" system. You can read more about that on the devblog https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/05/21/rights-duties-management-system/
  8. And now I want to plant trees in a space station.
  9. It seems you are not able to comprehend my point and we are stuck to repeat mode. Too much time spent on this topic, time to stop.
  10. Sadly, what is, and what is felt by those coming here for the first time may differ. Also, you can decide English is universal all you want, this wont make a vanilla 17yo french guy understand it more. Thanks to our "outstanding" Education Nationale ... *cough cough*. In fact I believe the same applies in many country. This is the reality I understand and witnessed. Some ppl will come, speaking what the h*** they want, will you be mad at them each time ? what image of the community will be passed to the newcomer ? While I understand your need to read and check every bit of text posted here, if you want the community(aka early player base) to grow, another strategy should be implemented than "english please". If you are calling me a drama queen for voicing this opinion, then, we have not the same definition of such term clearly
  11. I can guess this is the case, very few radar can detect the moon Optical detection however, is another type of sensor I believe. Modern fighter jets and missiles are both IR and optical anyway, up to +30km i believe. So the question is, will the game feature tactical long range optical detection of target ? (And will we be able to communicate between construct using DPU scripting ?) not sure what to think about accuracy and precision of detection at this point. EDIT: very good read thx !
  12. The part about the "big shield" got me curious. was he speaking of a damage-mitigation shield, or an impenetrable barrier if you are not "friend" on the IFF ?
  13. How much time would depend on how much ingame creds you are able to earn by hour. I know ppl on EvE that can do it faster than required to ask them ! But others may take between 1h-10h per month. Anyway, they must make it challenging (at start) in order to make ppl BUY them with real money to finance the project !
  14. Well, that is the point of this guy, he is only addressing to french speaking ppl for his project. He don't want international cooperation. I can guess this is so because its simpler when you cannot understand english, to stick with folks speaking your native language. I understand your point ofc, but, as much as you want to believe English to be "universal" this is not an absolute truth. This guy must not be the first, and won't be the last. If the existing small community is filled with hatred each time this happens, the game won't grow as fast as it could be. Non english speaking communities should be allowed to thrive in Dual Universe. (and the forums) This is NQ decision in the end of course
  15. Speed and size are not the same. If my radar is maxed at 5km detection range, and the 8km long ship is entering this range by only 1m, my radar will detect it. If the ship is going slow, I will have plenty reaction time. If it is going at 1km/s however, I won't be able to think before it being on me. With a ship 8 km long, if you want a good radar coverage, just setup the biggest radar available on it. If the ship is still longer than the biggest radar capabilities, then your ship is not really viable for combat. just like in real life, there is no such thing as unlimited-dynamic-expansion of radar range. some funny pic of ship radar If they go with your idea of dynamic range, why not do it with engine thrust power too ? The bigger the construct, the more powerful the thrust. Making your ability to plug an engine and move a planet a reality
  16. Indeed, but you will be able to encounter them when you arrive at said locations, and in many case, it will just look like a city, an outpost, an industrial complex, etc ... They will be scattered for sure. This doesn't prevent the inevitable mess around the Arkship to form and who knows, a coruscent-style area may be there after some time. And like others said before, alliances will form and regroup This what we did in SWG (Kauri) by grouping most Empire PvP guilds into one player-built city called "Core Bastion", including housing, cantinas, medical facilities, defenses etc. After a time, the opposite faction (rebels) did the same just across the river, bringing EPIC pvp and fun times each day for a 2 year period
  17. Salut et bienvenue ici ! To the "english please" folks : sorry not every one can read write or understand this language, this must not be a barrier blocking DU to become internationally viral imo. Je vais reprendre chacun de tes points pour essayer de te montrer pourquoi je ne crois pas trop en ton projet de république. Oui et non. Un joueur solo pourra toujours se spécialiser dans une activité qu'il aime et en tirer profit. Il pourra ensuite commercer les resources/items qui lui manquent. Mais en effet, ce sera toujours plus long que de jouer dans un groupe coopératif. Une oligarchie donc ? Il te faudra donc une armée pour te permettre de rester souverain, indépendant et neutre, sous peine de te faire piller et "manquer de respet" en boucle. Une armée en général, c'est tout sauf démocratique dans son fonctionnement interne. Donc ils ne sont pas tous égaux ? Donc tous les joueurs de l'organisation sont des "legats" avec droit de vote ? Je vois déjà arriver les actes de sabotages necessitant d'instaurer un état d'urgence Donc en réalité, c'est un conseil non élu qui détient le pouvoir ? Qui ira vérifier combien chaque citoyen gagne ? Si je fais partie de cette république et que je déclare ne rien gagner ? Ca tombe bien, comme je ne gagne rien, j'ai besoin que la république me finance mon abonnement (PLEX) ! chouette Donc l'armée, mais l'armée est composée de qui ? de citoyens de cette république ? si c'est eux le bras armé, comment les empécher de prendre le pouvoir ? Copinage magouille et compagnie ? Comment enforcer cette condition ? rien n'empeche ton joueur de se barrer en douce, ou de ne jamais se reconnecter. Sans être un spécialiste, mais basé sur mon expérience communautaire perso, je pense que ce n'est pas réalisable. Dans un MMO, le modèle de "fausse démocratie" occidentale que tu prend en exemple n'est pas adapté a un groupe de personnes indépendants. De surcroit, ce modèle de démocratie n'en est pas une. C'est une hypocrisie que de le croire, et les mécaniques hypocrites a gérer pour maintenir la poudre aux yeux font perdre du temps et de l'efficacitée à tout le monde. Sans parler de la prise de tête hallucinante pour essayer de rendre le tout cohérent. De mon point de vue les nations qui vont se former "in game", vont avoir comme fondateurs des groupes de joueurs déjà constitués, qui vont se regrouper pour des opérations militaires. et éventuellement se regrouper géographiquement dans un soucis d'efficacité sécuritaire. Appel ça une nation ou une alliance, c'est un détail role-play finalement. Si jamais ça ne fonctionne pas, jette un oeil à ma signature pour trouver un groupe de joueurs teamplay qui cherche a construire un groupe soudé et coopératif sur DU et StarCitizen, sans démocratie ni doute et prise de tête sur le mode de fonctionnement en dictature militaire "éclairée" et accepté par tous. En attendant bonne chance
  18. If a planet is 100Km radius, and you could cover it all with only 1 or 2 sensor, it would be too easy and without challenge to cover. Having to build an array of carefully placed sensor bring the challenge of organizing the data to be able to build a human readable overview. This is the kind of challenge I like. This is also an opportunity for emergent gameplay since hostiles cannot disrupt and impair your detection ability too easily, having to seek and destroy a grid of sensor is proving to be a greater challenge than only one. But securing such a grid can be proving very costly too.
  19. I found out the error 500 isn't always blocking the file upload.
  20. With more than 900 hex per planet, gg on the first org/player to "own" a planet But I agree, it would be nice to be able to share data(events?) between construct, With each sensor reporting to a "master" script located on your base/HQ/planet. What could be nicer, is to be able to trigger a web call to a private webserver in addition to that ! ... but I am dreaming as it will basically make a potential DDOS relay of the gameserver. Or maybe the opposite, DU could expose a RESTfull small API for us to "fetch" such events
  21. I am eager to see how the scripting will be implemented, hoping to see more on that ! But a nice multilayer demo will do just fine too
  22. I was not aware of this one, this is confusing having another sub with the real name
  23. lethak

    Currency name?

    DUC - Dual Universe Credit
  24. lethak

    Hover Boards

    You mean.. like Lucio in overwatch ?
  25. That epic rant You are right about Windows 10, but I am not sure to share your conclusion about casual users switching to linux "en mass" ! Taking time to make a 3D sowtware running on many platform cost money, and if only 0,01% of your userbase use linux, it is simply a waste of money to allocate 1% of your spending to it. This is not lazy, this is capitalism
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