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  1. Most MMOs with persistent player owned assets implements a cyclic vulnerability timeframe.

    Traditionally, the owner (or allowed by RDMS) is able to change the vulnerability period once in a while.

    This makes the possession immune to most actions outside of this vulnerability window where it can be challenged.



    I like the part where NQ plans to alert the player via email. But in truth, in 2018, NQ should implement webhooks and or APIs ;)

  2. So, you were only looking to play the game for a short period of time ?

    I can understand why this system is frustrating for you then.



    For the player looking at the game as an evergoing long term adventure, like EvE and other persistent mmos, their is absolutely no problem with the DAC/PLEX system running as an alternative to the monthly subscription.


    As a player not infusing $$$ into the game , you would still be able to earn money otherwise using the game mechanics.

    As long as it is not possible to progress your skills faster using money, DU can't be "pay-to-win".

  3. Maintenance cost:


    Each planetary construct has a "maintenance cost" in resources or money. The bigger the construct, the bigger the cost per day.

    You have to fill in a container with it. If the container is empty, the construct starts to degrade and disappear overtime.

    Since the world is big, I would hope for a small maintenance cost.


    Ideally, We plan to handle our game universe under the form of a galaxy that can be visualized on a map right from the beginning. This map is the "visible" universe. However, everybody starts at the same location - the planet Alioth - and will slowly expand from there by building more and more stargates to explore new near-by systems. This expansion will define what we call the "explored" universe, the part in which players can directly travel and interact. So the "explored" universe will be much smaller, at least at the beginning, than the "visible" universe.


    source: https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/841-ask-us-anything-event/page-2#entry17019


    This is great news! but still no official words on planetary map.

  5. It looks good but I have a question will a very fast moving player get a sub-server or what ever it is called? Jumping speedy from subserver to sub-server rapidly could cause mayhem. Speedy would still see the rest as the camera player in the video does. 


    I am almost sure they got that covered.


    Since you have a dynamic load balancing between physical servers, with a max limit of player each, you could move as far as you want, you will still be handled by a server being below this limit.

  6. From what we can see Dual is not a block building game but more of a voxel sculpting game. There are still blocks and stuff you can place but it seems more that these are just the tools you use to get the shapes you want into the game instead of the only things you can build/place.


    I understood that too.

    If you look the gameplay video between 1:49 and 2:49, you will see some of that.

    At 3:30 you can see JCB editing a small ship with a voxel tool.


  7. I believe it was said stargates can "dial" any other stargate in range.


    This is the best solution from my point of view.

    • You still feel the massive scale of the universe since you have to make multiple "jump" in order to reach the end of the explored universe.
    • No need for 12 stargate in the same place to have access to all the in-range connected systems around.
    • The fuel cost to travel via stargate was not revealed yet. You may want to minimize the number of time you have to use a gate.

  8. In the videos we saw a ship with incredibly small engines, very small fuel storage leave the atmosphere implying realism may be less important then functionality and fun. It is a game after all.


    Beware, pre alpha footage will only show what they have in pre alpha. This may will change along with the game completion.

    It is easier for them to make flying bricks now than when they will have implemented all the constraints.

  9. The problem is not my browser, but the server response time resulting of the stress on the database behind it.



    It took 12.91s for the web server to start delivering a response.









    From my point of view, the fact that the whole organization listing is served without server side pagination plus the lack of an HTTP caching mechanism is to blame.


    The more player/orgs, the more this delay will grow, resulting in the frequent need to restart the database server at some point.

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