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  1. The point is mute right now anyway. All of these organizations are pipe dreams right now. When the game goes into alpha some organizations will actually exist. Then in beta another influx of new organizations and then when the game goes live for everyone a huge burst of new orgs. But they will all live and die by their behaviours and their members. The orgs with the best leadership and resources will survive just as corporations today come and go so will orgs
  2. I just hope that star gates are not the required method of a ship travelling to a new system. If all traffic is routed through a fixed point it will lead to easy ambushes. I am usually a bit of a solo player in just about every game I play, it certainly takes me longer to reach milestones but I like the freedom of it. If I am forced to gate to specific systems it will make it difficult to hide. I am a huge fan of the X serries having played all but the latest "rebirth" iteration and those gates worked well in a single player scenario. However I employed a strategy of using the gates as an ambush point against many an enemy ship and became very rich doing it. With an MMO scenario it would become a pointless excercise trying to solo
  3. I am not a fan of star gates personally. They almost negate the requirement for a ship
  4. They mentioned blue prints and a factory being able to creat the item from the blue print. I would love to know more about how this is implemented. I hope the factory is an actual building or station and not just a mechanic as in empyrium galactic survival. I would like to treat the creation of a ship as the goal at the end of the quest, you gather all the componants or raw materials required and at the end your new ship is ready for pick up
  5. These types of rules look great on paper but if you look at the real world example it's just words. DU will be rules by the guys with the biggest guns and they will make the rules. If you don't like their rules get bigger guns and its your turn
  6. Well I took the plunge and pledged in the silver bracket. I got burned on no mans sky and paid too much for it, so I am hopeful this is not another defeat to my bank account. I couldn't resist the in game pet though so the 85 bucks Canadian should be well spent so long as I have something to drag alone with me ????
  7. My Death Star comment was very tongue in cheek, I have a couple of ship designs I've created in EGS that are based off the star ship troopers serries. My fighter is rather nimble but well armoured and gunned up with rail guns or another version with plasma cannons. My cruiser sized CV is long and lean not exact by any stretch but very similar to the Roger young. I have tried to replicate the roger young but the drop ship mechanic just doesn't work in that game yet far too cumbersome to land and re dock inverted
  8. Work Will commence on the Death Star as soon as possible
  9. I have played space engineers since it started in EA, switched to EGS for the last six months or so. I like both games but for different reasons, building in SE is great but the multiplayer is limited. EGS has great multiplayer but in small limited servers and the building is great but there's a lot to be fleshed out there. This looks to me like a game I can get lost in for a year or two. I have just found it as a result of a post in a forum for EGS, decided to have a look and from the very limited exposure I've had through the vids it looks incredible. I am really looking forward to playing
  10. It's a pirate life for me, as soon as I can get space bound and armed
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