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  1. As we at the Cinderfall Syndicate sponsor the DICE gaming commission, we would be happy to extend that sponsorship to the HEF as well.
  2. What a few weeks it has been! Here's a few updates from the Syndicate: We're happy to welcome the Golden Fox Division and Me'sen Gotabor Starship Engineers as new Member Organizations! Cinderfall has also continued its broadcasts of Cinderfall TV, and just recently has signed the Obsidio Accords in an effort to further promote a cooperative and unified gaming community. As always, the door is open to new faces and organizations who wish to be a part of the Syndicate! Cheers, Astro
  3. Thanks everyone for helping Cinderfall TV reach 100 subscribers! The broadcast team appreciates your dedication and support!
  4. Hello Dual Universe! Welcome to Ark Central, the leader in Dual Universe news and updates! We're dedicated to bringing you the latest across the universe and keeping you informed on everything Dual Universe! The Ark Central team provides information across a variety of media, including video and radio broadcasts. We'll keep this thread updated with the latest broadcasts so you won't have to search around for them! *Note: Ark Central was previously known as Cinderfall TV. This partnership has since been terminated. Cheers! Broadcast 1: Broadcast 2: Broadcast 3: Broadcast 4 (November 2017): Broadcast 5 (December 2017): Broadcast 6 (January 2018): Broadcast 7 (February 2018): Broadcast 8 (March 2018):
  5. ATV is under NDA during alpha (and beta, I believe), and only certain YouTubers have the right to stream during this time.
  6. That's what I thought as well! Nice work, and best of luck!
  7. Syndicate Update: Negotiations and discussions with Band of Outlaws have started today in order to ensure a mutually prosperous and successful future. More to come later! ~Astro
  8. Welcome! I for one am looking forward to where this will go!
  9. Indeed. For example, consider all of the internal politics within each organization - all of the power struggles and the complex affairs involved with even the smallest orgs. Yet this is a good start nonetheless.
  10. Hey everyone! Look out for the next broadcast of Cinderfall TV in May! Until then, Astro
  11. Welcome! Cool to see a new face and a new organization! Looks like Khatt Mining Co. has some competition!
  12. Hi everyone! I'd like to present a very special Cinderfall project today: Cinderfall TV! This is our first broadcast of CSYN TV, focused on Dual Universe this time. We will be using Cinderfall TV to bring everyone the latest gaming news and updates, as well as Dual Universe's in-game news in our special Dual Universe Edition broadcasts. Watch the broadcast below - we hope you enjoy! P.S. Huge special thx to Code24 and FancyVader for their help editing and voicing the broadcast! It's great to have you on the team! Look out for more in the coming months!
  13. Well, it doesn't appear that you actually mentioned what your "realistic" version of hacking actually was. Would you care to elaborate?
  14. Well then the devs will have to set parameters. Make a lock level system. A basic terminal may be Level 1 and have only two or three nodes, while hacking a Territory Control Unit might be Level 10 and have multiple stages and maybe 20-30 nodes on each stage. Set a level for certain types of locks and set parameters for that level. Rudimentary and perhaps not the best, but a start.
  15. Well here's the nice thing about the Deus Ex system. If you want to add in skill training to hacking, I can think of a couple ways we can go about it. But first, let me explain the hacking process more in detail. You start out at an initial node. This is the base node, and this is what the red security worm must capture in order to "kill" you. The security worm is dormant at first. It doesn't begin the "security diagnosis" process (capturing you) unless you trigger it. Your goal is to capture the green unlock node. Usually this is along a path with other nodes in between that you must first capture. Every time you capture a node, there is a certain chance (generally ~30%) that the capture will trigger the security worm, causing it to move towards your base node. You have the option to fortify nodes that you have captured. This slows the worm down, so you will want to fortify nodes between the worm's node and your base node. More info in this video (start at 0:51): So here's where you can integrate a skill system. I imagine there to be two skill paths in the skill "Hacking" : stealth and defense. The stealth skill path would allow the player to develop his stealth ability, which would decrease the chance that capturing a node would trigger the worm. This can either apply to all nodes across the board uniformly (each skill level decreases the chance by 1% for all nodes, say), or each skill level would decrease random nodes by a more substantial amount (maybe 3% or 4%, but happens by chance for each node). The defense skill path would allow the player to develop the ability to fortify nodes. Maybe right now, the worm takes only 5 seconds to capture a fortified node, but if a player trains his defense skill path, the worm now takes 10 seconds to capture a fortified node. There are more possibilities - these are some preliminary thoughts on how hacking might work in game. EDIT: The security "worm" is not actually called that. It's technically called the "security diagnostic".
  16. I did enjoy Deus Ex's hacking mini games where the player has to capture all of the green "unlocking" nodes whilst avoiding the security "worms". The player travels along paths to capture nodes in order to open the path to each unlock node. He also has the option to fortify and modify captured nodes in order to deter worms. It's easy to learn and can get progressively harder with more worms and more nodes to unlock. https://www.gamecrate.com/sites/default/files/deus%20ex%20mankind%20divided%20hacking%201.jpg
  17. Welcome back! The IBO is always so intriguing - look forward to working with it in-game!
  18. Indeed, this is a valid point of discussion to ensure an immersive and realistic yet enjoyable gameplay experience. NQ has stated in the past that scripting turrets will be possible, and they have also said that auto-turrets will not be able to match the quality of a player-manned turret/gun. How they plan to ensure that is still largely unknown. I did like your ideas on higher power/resource consumption for automatic turrets. Whereas a human gunner would know to properly aim and to use ammunition efficiently, a primitive AI turret might continuously and randomly shoot at the target, perhaps even sometimes confusing a passing cargo container as an enemy vehicle. --------------------- On the topic of artificial intelligence, I'd like to also ask about the extent to which AI can operate independently. In other words, let's say I wish to build a train system, and I want it automated. Can a scripted hovercraft move at a set speed along a predetermined path/track, even if no one is present inside the craft? I would assume that a LUA system advanced enough to handle primitive turret targeting would be enough for basic motion automation - it would open up so many more possibilities: train systems, delivery ships, unmanned battering rams, etc.
  19. Not a bad idea. I can't see anything wrong with this, but I'm sure someone will. Maybe it would promote classism/pledgism...maybe? I don't see that realistically happening though.
  20. Again, this has been handled internally already. Please refrain from bringing this "debate" up again. This is a sensitive IRL topic, and can easily get out of control. In following with the official forum rules, we ask all to avoid any further discussion on this topic. (Wouldn't a moderator come in handy right about now? )
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