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  1. I will second the addition of an additional section when there are a sufficient number of organizations on the forums: say 15. Until then, I believe the status quo is fine.
  2. I believe the exact quote was: If you can imagine it, you can build it. Think Lego/Landmark/Minecraft on steroids.
  3. I always use text chat when trading. Not too much difficulty IMO
  4. Not one for small talk, are you? Welcome to the forums, Cavadus!
  5. Astrophil

    O hi

    Welcome Tierless! It's been quite a while since SWG...we hope you'll find yourself satisfied among the DU family!
  6. I'm not sure a 200 year old decaying corpse would understand much of anything that anyone told it.
  7. Why hellooo Quasibyte! Welcome to DU!
  8. Welcome jankaw! I would not suggest bringing in a republic or empire, or you might see it fall at the hands of THE Empire. *cue Imperial March*
  9. The approach we have developed is based on the idea of subdividing zones according to their population density, in a recursive way. If only 5 people are roaming the surface of a remote lonely planet, it will most likely be handled by one single server. Come thousands of visitors spread on the surface and the initial area will automatically divide itself. Player clients are dynamically reallocated to the new servers in charge of their area. This process can repeat itself up to areas as small as 8 meters large. The interaction between different areas is handled with a complex cluster-wide synchronization mechanism, and an actor-based model that we might talk about in another post. The other crucial part of this algorithm is that we have designed a method that is efficient to guarantee that the further a player is from another one, the less frequent the updates of position will be between them. When two players are close to each other, they will be updated very frequently and see each other with a great level of fluidity. However, when players are far away, there will be some delay in movement (because interpolation needs several updates to proceed), but they will still see each other in a visually convincing way. At large gatherings with a high population density, more server computing power is going to be allocated to that region than say, an empty planet like Tattooine, so it should all balance out without much choppiness or slowdowns.
  10. @Lladz There's nothing preventing you from constructing an express train on Coruscant if that is your heart's desire. Go-karts, rocket-scooters, segways...that would be quite interesting to see. As for the physics, I'm no expert, but I'm sure someone could figure out an easy rail to car interaction with LUA. Planet-space was mentioned (somewhere) to be seamless, so space elevators are theoretically possible, but IMO, awfully easy to blow up or crash into, not to mention a bit....aesthetically unappealing?
  11. Welcome to the DU community Alphinon!
  12. I think this devblog explains it far better than I ever could, so here is an early plan of how DU's economy is going to work: https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2014/12/04/from-barter-to-market-economy/
  13. My my doesn't that sound awfully similar to a recently released seventh installment of a particular series about a "war in the stars"...I wonder...
  14. I am sure we will see quite a few here and there, both legal and illicit. All those giant space stations could serve well as trading bays. Can't wait to see someone create the Pirate Bay on DU!
  15. Welcome UC_NUNI! I'm not entirely sure on the translation of DU. I shall allow Nyzaltar to elaborate. Again, welcome to the DU adventure!
  16. Welcome...I'll probably completely butcher your name so...a very warm welcome to you, sir! It's quite an influx from the Polish delegation today!
  17. Welcome Planetsizer! Love the avatar!
  18. I'm sure we can put our differences aside...for now.
  19. Hopefully not like EA. What a disaster that company has become. I have a gut feeling that NQ isn't that kind of company. The team at NQ have a great vision and I don't think corporate bogus is going to deter them from delivering that vision to the world. A certain company called Digital Extremes has done a fantastic job managing itself so hopefully we'll start to see more developers like NQ and DE. ?
  20. I second that last point concerning time-based subscription models.
  21. I'm sure any number of us would be happy to be the target of your wallet-contents-throwing. I can't guarantee any return though
  22. Oho. I think you and Ellegos will get along famously. Welcome to DU Lladz!
  23. Astrophil


    Welcome to the community Thasrion! Enjoy your stay.
  24. Astrophil


    Welcome to the adventure Ripper!
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