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  1. This just puts everyone else to shame doesn't it? Welcome to DU, Warden and Vulture Corp!
  2. Independence Day: Resurgence...that joke of a movie
  3. Welcome to DU, skylord! Glad to see another interested party joining the game (no pun intended). Might I suggest first starting with the various Devblogs - they offer a wealth of information and should help you get fairly acquainted with the general concepts and mechanics present in DU. I'm afraid your wait for the perfect space MMO isn't quite over yet - there's still a while to go before alpha but in the meantime, make yourself at home here in the forums. As for organizations, there is a whole multitude of them to explore...oh wait! What's that down there? Oh my, one organizatio
  4. Don't steal SW Clone Wars's ideas
  5. Just to clarify, that didn't literally mean thousands of actual players. It was the server testing a load equivalent to the load of a few thousand players. Still, I agree - would be very cool to see some of that
  6. The movie Elysium used this concept where John Carlyle's reboot program was stored in his brain, and upon being injured, the neural program was destroyed, but not before it had been transferred out into Max's brain. Interesting idea - could prove for some fascinating gameplay, but not too sure on the practicality of implementing it.
  7. Hello........it's me. Welcome to DU!
  8. BlueDrake42's follow-up video on NQ's response video: Nicely played NQ! Very nicely played.
  9. It's an interesting question, because although players are supposed to be able to create their own weapons, the actual visual effects (lightning bolts for an arc laser) and actual damage effects, as well as the energy input required to power them would still have to be coded into the game by devs.
  10. Actually it goes even broader: It's all just constructs until we classify them as buildings and ships and Death Stars. From there we can futher classify ships.
  11. Of course it is. But I hope I'm not ever traveling alone. There's power in numbers.
  12. Ah...well apologies can't help you there I'll just be cruising around in my personal capital ship. Who said personal ships had to be small?
  13. Simply paste the YouTube link in and it will automatically embed the video. For that video you may have to go to YouTube first, then copy the link.
  14. This would just be so paradoxical that I'm not sure it would be worth it to implement.
  15. The interior layout can also be custom-designed. Some elements may be premade, such as consoles or cockpit seats, but nothing prevents you from decorating the interior and placing elements wherever. Note the Tweeted picture below: https://twitter.com/dualuniverse/status/594202143768367105
  16. NQ ought to start a reality TV show about these forums.
  17. That is the episode - Starship UK in all its glory - granted, they had captured the star whale and were torturing it into moving when the star whale had been supporting the ship of its own will...sad story.
  18. Is Ripper Intelligence planned to be a weapons or ship components manufacturer in game?
  19. This is almost exactly that one episode of Doctor Who - "The Beast Below", where the Earth had been burned up and the entire U.K. population was flying in space on "Starship UK", a city-spaceship built upon the back of a star whale that they had captured.
  20. I hope to one day bump into ISS Wandering Mountain by chance during my travels. Looks like anyone who signs up for this journey has to be committed for the long run - unless they just want to be left in some asteroid field somewhere Best of luck to you in this endeavor!
  21. As faction leader I would have no stance on it, and would probably leave marriage as a personal thing rather than one that is regulated and recorded...it would have no impact on the faction (whether good or bad), so the faction will not intentionally have an impact on marriages either. People can do what they want with relationships - I myself would not care if I were a bigshot up-there leader figure.
  22. I'd like the idea of a time limited free play period to try it out and get a feel for the game - perhaps 3 hours of game time or something. I also like the idea of charging for actual game time instead of on a monthly basis - purchasing time packs or something similar perhaps...$X per 10 hours of game time.
  23. In the alpha definitely not. Hopefull this will be a later update.
  24. And they would need some sort of biofuel - instead of normal gas or rocket fuel, perhaps organic compost or...meat (like animal carcasses)? This brings to mind the Combine synths from Half-Life 2.
  25. @Woodsman: Naturally occuring Arkstones are an interesting idea. That would mean these would actually be discovered rather than manufactured...but if they appeared based on RNG, it could lead to an abundance or complete scarcity of Arkstones. I also assume that once an Arkstone's internal energy has been completely used up, then that Arkstone is now empty and useless, and thus players would have to find another one? Or do you propose some way to "regenerate" an Arkstone?
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