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  1. laws can only be enforced if there are tools to do so. as of now there is not.  No rep system, No bounty system, and very vague rules on whats allowed and whats not. Im not particurly for or against such activity, it does add a little drama and conflict but ... Why am i even, its not as if NQ reads this stuff lol. 

  2. Since there was no way to comment on the post. I will post here.

    I only have 1 request, its simple.

    Can we please have teleporters at the markets that don't already have? 

    Many players arrived later than day 1 of Beta to discover that getting a Tile close to the market was near impossible. The additional markets could make this possible but they must have the teleports. Many players would love the opportunity to have their industry near a market and it would also spread out the high concentrations of players and assets around markets 6-7.  

  3. 16 minutes ago, Ater Omen said:

    So, should DU, a civilization building MMO game, be balanced around solo players?

    Its the only way it can be,  Corps can be anything from 1 to 1000+ people.  

    However, some serious and strong limits / rules are going to have to be put in to limit the power of a corp. Tbh i dont even know if NQ have realised this yet. With the game setup as is. the moment that taking over land hex's is a thing, we will have the potential for 1 org to take over and destroy everything that isnt them.   I mentioned above how this can be managed, but there will need to be something in place. as well as a war dec system, jez i dont even want to start on that one.  

    Alter , have a look at the post i made an hour or so before this. it covers this and other stuff.  

  4. 2 minutes ago, Ater Omen said:

    More and more items are not worth to produce anymore on Alioth, you can make more money by selling the raw ores directly. There is not enough demand for the moment. Why? imo:

    - the game is still young, there is not enough players to buy what industrialists produce and T1 ore is abundant. Will there be enough players to consume all that ore later?

    - there is not enough destruction, the pvp is not fully developped, technically and socially. There is no big entitys, alliances, and no wars afaik. 

    - about destruction itself: elements cannot be destroyed, pvp only make elements transit from a player to another. This seams to be the main problem, but we must remember that we are in a finite world. If NQ makes elements destructible, is it really good in the long run? Will they gives us fresh new ores to mine and rebuild what we want? (new systems, asteroids belts, etc) 


    For the industries, I don't like the fact that when we can build basic T1 elements like engine S, we can in fact build everything. Once we set up a basic industry (10x each machine), we're good to go and can build every items in the game with no constraints except the required ore of course. There is no technological research, we can build everything everywhere with any character, the ore spread is not sufficient.

    Another thing is that it's too easy to build large ships, all piloting elements require only T1 ores even at the biggest size, with the exception of the T2 for the space fuel. All other ores are for non mandatory elements (hub, res node, surrogates, decorative elements, etc).


    Game designers have to look at what the top players are doing, they must know what happen when the game is pushed to the limits. I don't know how they could balance a game by looking at average joes.

    Top players, yes, for sure.  But not so much the corps. you cant balance the game from a player power vs corp power point of view. and there seems to be a bit of a focus atm on what the top corps are doing.

  5. 8 minutes ago, ZeeckZero said:

    I can understand this but think if they keep holding on to this, the game will not see any influx of player base of note on launch (a year or two from now), getting into a game on "launch" seeing you are one or two years behind will imo gimp the game.


    BUT they need to make it clear either way so people can make an informed choice whether to quit now and wait for wipe, keep going to keep up or quit for good reasoning that "game is not for me now, and im not gonna start all this time behind people who plowed through"

    this held back eve online for so many years. there is a mechanic now to catch up, kinda, but its costly. I wouldnt even consider playing anything that just came out , if a lot of players had a year + advantage. I was really suprised when i start playing, 2 weeks after launch i learned that there was to be no wipe. ppl assume these days that it would happen, its the industry standard with a couple if exceptions. i would have started day 1 if i knew.

    sooner or later its gona come down to a choice.   Having a robust game core that is built on solid foundations where exploits and mis calculations werent allowed to propigate into full release or  NQ trying to manage the game as if its allready gone live and putting their focus on getting more players and forever trying to fix old issues that werent delt with properly at the beginning.

  6. 3 minutes ago, CaptRiker said:

    would probably bail on game entirely if they did a full wipe...   they should keep all learned talents, talent queue and all quanta earned -- AT THE VERY LEAST

    i should have added that as an option. I think its very reasonable for this to be the minimum we would retain. most issues seem to be with itemization and the econ.

  7. The Biggest Issue is that NQ dont seem to have any serious planning / modeling / metrics on key points of information.

    Avg and Max income per player on 0 skills and full skills
    Cost of building / buying a warp capable ship.
    Time investment target to build / buy warp capable ship.

    Time to mine out 1m units of T1 ore skilled and unskilled.
    Income per hour, skilled and unskilled.

    These are just some examples of stuff i think is probably important to know. Once you know what your targeting for you can compare with actual server data. assuming that you are collecting such info.
    Then you can use it to identify where the problems are specifically.

    I suspect a big part of the problem is skills. If you want people to specialize more you need to give bigger incentive. maybe even consider making some skills mutually exclusive. As it is now, Anyone can and often do, do everything. PVP, Mine, Explore and Scan, Haul, Refine, Craft.  i do like being able to do everything, as its suits my play style. but it doesnt encourage a community market, cooperation, grouping up etc.  

    One big mistake is having all T1 ores in every Hex.  At best is should be 10k distance to travel to find all 4.   and For T2 ores, it should be Contential.

    Lastly, dont look at what the large corps are doing. that isnt typical player behaviour and its almost impossible to ballance a game around that. organisation and division of labour will always win. without imposing artifical limits on territory and resources you cant limit them.

    Back in the 50's 60's when the USA was developing the Blackbird, It wanted to make the Aircraft out of Titanium. this was bleeding edge stuff , so much so, that only the USSR actually had access to it. They were forced to trade, via third parties to buy Titanium.  

    No one country has everything. 

    There is a quick Fix to this, but you and the player base wont like it. 

    if your in an Org, only the Org can place TCU's   The First one that goes down becomes the capital and every other TCU must be placed ajacent. and you get a contigious nation state.  add to this the local and contential varience of resources you might get a solution. 

  8. If the new and reworked planets and mining are more than a couple of months away, we are going to need an ore reseeding.

    Thades Moon 1 is almost out of Chrome. only 2-3 % of times claimed ofc. but every tile is like swiss cheese. The worst part is that the ppl mining here seem to be trying to troll each other by leaving scraps of each node so it still shows on the scanner.

    How bad is it for other resources elsewhere ?

  9. This one is a bit harder to prove, its more of a feeling tbh, 


    Say i start mining a node, put it on auto.  the tool starts plodding away, then the audio buggs out. is it just me or does mining get faster and faster ?  and aside from the audio connected bug, it also feels like my mining speed skills are randomy applied. sometimes faster / normal, sometimes like starting the game day 0.  this stuff is totally subjective i guess, but is it just me ?

  10. I did consider putting this in the ideas section, but these arent ideas, and they arent bugs either for the most part. 
    Anyone else is more than welcome to add to this. Gona start with an easy area, where the changes would increase Quality of life , without needing to much work.

    The Market

    A ) Instant Selling large items is a complete nightmare. Take L Cargo Containers for example. If i ship in 50 from my base to sell to the market bots, do you realise i need to move them 1 at a time to my personal inventory ?  you cant instant sell from linked containers, however you can create a sell order from a linked container.

    B ) The market needs 1 more Tab, the favourites list. you can right click any item from market browser and select add to favourites. the list would just be a link to the market page for each item

    C ) Need a Drop down in the main market page for selecting which market to filter by. would help us trader types a lot.

    D ) Bonus points for adding to the market table " unit sales in last 24H"  so we can see whats hot and whats not.

    Does anyone know if the item database is in an accessable format ?  would love to do an export of it, see if i can get my market tools from eve converted over to work in DU.


  11. i spent a small fourtune on my rig, I play many different games, especially Ark survival and FTB minecraft , Satisfactory, Civ.  My rig is setup in my living room and only spins up all 8 fans if needed.

    DU is the only game i have ever played where all 8 Fans are at 100% all of the time. It sounds like im taking off and heading into orbit even when im just standing still on foot.

    their are 2 possible problems.  1) the game is massivly unoptimized. this is a complicated topic on its own with many ways the game can be unoptimised.  or 2 ) the ammount that you can move the quality and distance sliders is far too optimistic. limiting the offender to half its potential would go a long way to help, at least untill the game is more optimised.  i can run many many clients of eve at the same time with less power usage / heat / noise


    I wouldnt mind so much if the game was actually pretty. as is, this power draw is totally unjustified for such a basic looking game. and before the fanbois storm in, yes i know its beta. Ark was the same in the early days. but NQ need to be aware of this issue and it is an issue.

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