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  1. come to mine if you whant, search for habitat 49 and jump down L core libery
  2. got one working till 1072m and 2 gates close at the top underneed it so i can turn it off , only thing i have is the space between moving part and shaft its so big and if i try to get it smaller all problems start ,anyone know how to get that gap smaller?? moving part to shaft.
  3. make a sphere, then select a smaller sphere and hold alt ,then move it with arrow keys insite your sphere and mouse click oh and you dont need to hold alt till the end the momment you move the smaler sphere with arrow keys you can release alt
  4. game on SSD and from 16GB to 32GB never played this well before, with 16GB i coudent even fly in one go to a market , now with 32GB no issues anymore ,only the ones evryone els have to haha, so yeah it helps alot for me atleast. i7-9700K @ 3.60Ghz/8 core's 32GB ram RTX2060
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