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  1. I bought a pack last week and I cant even begin to figure out this game I no its alpha testing but, theres nothing to this game that I can see. I logged in after creating my character which at this point is nothing. found myself in some room that I couldn't do anything in. after acouple days dinking with this game I manage to get the teleporter to move me to what looks like an empty airport. after acouple more days I found some lockers that gave me a blueprint and some materials. I went outside and used the blueprint to get what looks like and unfinished hoverbike. I think that's what it is. cant pilot it at all. flips upside down a lot. cant even begin to figure out the Voxel system. why are there no tutorials that explain how to use this voxel system. the tutorial that it does have is nothing. im totally lost! Help!
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