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  1. OH I'm sure all the orgs are trembling at the idea of you revealing there conspiracies publicly, i can tell you that on the BOO discord we were all beside ourselves with panic and in full cover up mode. Propaganda teams were mobilized PR firms retained and cleaning crews on standby.
  2. The game doesnt even exist yet how can anything be proven at this point... also i'm pretty sure you couldn't remove this topic even if you wanted to..
  3. so the TL;DR is you think boo is bad. Is there a point to be made? A result you're hoping to get? if you ask me you're just an ALT of someone from another org that's butt hurt about BOO being bigger.
  4. If you guys are worried that members of BOO may do bad things let me put your mind at ease.. I am a member of BOO and i WILL do bad things. so now you can stop wondering.
  5. i had the good sense to remove it knowing it wasn't constructive. and i did so before i got your reply
  6. I've decided to open up recruiting, only interested in people with bad attitudes and a general intolerance of others. Blackguard will be NBSI (not blue shoot it). No mercy, no exceptions.
  7. Yes, within the bounds of the EULA and without resorting to name calling and other childish behaviour
  8. Pro tip Kickstarters funding info is refreshed by ajax, just leave it open and it will update without any intervention required.
  9. Thank you for your valuable and constructive feed back. As always i'm impressed by the tolerance other players have for people with different play styles in this community.
  10. They've stated they dont want to have a lot of smashing ships into objects as a weapon so the damage from that will be minimal its hard to say if they'll make a component that can be used as a warhead, on one hand it'd be awesome and makes sense but on the other hand it may be to easy to make over powered. For example whats to stop you making a missile that's got hundreds or thousands of warheads creating a massive radius of destruction personally i hope they allow for player made weapons like this but I'm not very optimistic about it actually happening
  11. That's a good question, in space engineers there is no undo, an undo would be glorious the more steps the better!
  12. WTF read the replies everyone seems to be focused on the NMS comparison and is shitting on DU already because of that ( https://twitter.com/IGN/status/771395992595763201 ) thats the IGN tweet i'm referring to)
  13. I would build a vast shanty town, the kind of place that makes you sad just to see pictures of. and underneath it would be a bio-weapons factory, or whatever the least tasteful and most destructive weapon the game allows me to build factory.
  14. I'm wonering what everyone thinks about the idea to lay claim to someone elses constructs. Not willy nilly but Wouldn't it be cool if you evict someone from their home base, that you have the option to take over ownership, same with ships either abandoned or crippled. I think it would be cool if some of the inevitable vast cities constructed have wars fought over their occupancy, and i imagine a lot of pirates would rather lay claim to a ship instead of just destroying it and claiming a loot drop
  15. Let me preface by saying I actually like all the ideas in this thread so this isn't meant to be argumentative just supplemental. I think it would be cool if instead of NPC bosses, the NQ employees occasionally had events where they control a small army and spawn them selves around some populated areas for players to go fight. Like a big event every now and then. And to NQ employees, doesn't that sound like a fun day at work instead of coding and what not
  16. I agree lets do that.... did i just break the agreement i made in the previous line by replying i wonder..
  17. No one is proposing anything, its already been decided by NQ that its going to be subscription model and most of us either went "Oh, OK cool" Or "Dang, oh well" and moved on. but for some reason these threads keep coming up.
  18. Hi, i'm the type of person you are worried about. I can safely say that the loot drops will have little to no effect on my motivation to hunt other players.
  19. Why are the most debated topics the ones that need no debate. NQ stated in no uncertain terms this will be a subscription model. I hope they don't give these threads any consideration, i'm starting to hope that every time they see one of these threads they just add $1 to the monthly sub cost.
  20. why cant we let this dead horse rest in peace
  21. In EVE they provided a temporary buff to certain stats and had penalties to others
  22. So this may seem absurd, but i had an idea to make slavery viable... If for instance there is a cool down or penalty for dying, perhaps if your killed you can serve a brief period, shorter than the cool down, as a slave for the person that killed you. Like if your invading a space station, which could be far from your spawn point (i have no idea how that will work but lets pretend for now) once you die, instead of having to wait a while, go back to a fixed point and then set out on your adventure again, you could complete a few tasks to the benefit of the person who killed you to be revived quickly and in place. then some mechanic makes it so your former assassin would be unable to harm you until you get clear..
  23. Like eve a large part of this game will be combat, that's just how it is, if you can't be content to stay in a safe zone, and expect to freely roam the universe only meeting friendly people on the way MMO sandboxes are not for you
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