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  1. I like this org... a lot. i wish you the best of luck in your campaign of terror.
  2. He said a little bit honorable, one could argue being a thief is more honorable than being a murderer, being a rapist is even less honorable, Ruling over a genocide is even less honorable still also honor is not defined as a specific set list of behaviors and ideals, what is honorable to some may be reprehensible to others
  3. At the Sex Offenders Registry we believe in honor among deviants. if ever you want to cross that line from mere pirate into blood thirsty raider (some may call griefer) we're here
  4. Well I can offer you nothing of any substantial value! unless... do you like candy?
  5. or even allies, your not that dissimilar
  6. awww i dont wanna wait i wanna know now *throws childish tantrum*
  7. he's already had his question answered do we need to continue finding new subtle and clever ways to mock him for asking?
  8. WE DO NOW! that's the greatest thing i ever saw WE HAVE A THEME SONG \o/
  9. Candy, we tried puppies at first... it... it went badly
  10. I should really make a new thread instead of just re-using this one over and over, the comments make less and less sense every time.... but lazy...
  11. I wish you luck on your search for an organization, if you decide you want the exact opposite of what you wrote up, i know a guy.
  12. CvC Salvage constructs Stargates Moving parts: joints, rotors and pistons Non Planet celestial bodies (asteroids, gas cloud, nebula etc) Different planet types (gas, ice, etc etc) Edited because i thought of stuff i want more
  13. Successfully funded with 3 days to spare! so congratulations to everyone at NQ you can all breath a bit easier today so let us rejoice! please leave some positive messages for the NQ team* * please don't start bickering, in fact lets not talk to each other at all and just leave some congratulatory messages for NQ to enjoy over the weekend
  14. to clarify are you suggesting NQ open up paypal payments to them? or are you suggesting another entity be created to fill this purpose? because i'm all for the former, but i wouldn't support the latter
  15. Oky doky, whatever you say. Since you're clearly just trying to get attention i'm going to stop giving it to you.
  16. Offering a critique on the promotional video is hardly the same as appearing out of no where and calling people liars and demanding they prove something to you
  17. yeah it's why i don't go to walmart anymore
  18. I'm going to go ahead and open up recruiting, with absolutely no scrutiny or vetting of any kind. lets see what an organization composed entirely of spies and deviants looks like
  19. so to summarize DAC is bad in your view which your entitled to, and you want nothing to do with this game because of DAC. DAC has already been committed to as its part of the kick starter rewards, so its here to stay. so the debate is pointless, can you and 'your community' just go then? don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  20. Then why don't you continue the discussion with him in Russian? Or is his english probably better than your russian....
  21. has everyone heard their own voice enough yet? this stopped being a debate and just people repeating the same shit over and over 6 pages ago.
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