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  1. I just would like to say that its almost impossible to understand or make sense of the levels or tiers tied to our accounts. The names have been changed, the benefits assigned to the original packages have all been re-listed, re-vamped, re thought,. altered, adjusted and who knows what else. I can honestly say this though... I was proud of being a part of the game, and the earlier I was the more "status" I felt i possessed I have been a supporting member of this community prior to it even becoming an official community The titles and status now attached to my account sound and feel like token titles only I have no clue what awards are even due to me at this point, again my tier isnt what it was or even the same packages Once the game went live... i was given some stupid game time things they have expired and the game now requires a fee for me to continue. long story short. ... i paid to be a supporter and player with early access, promised things in exchange for my loyalty..and have a game that already wants more funds for me to play and NOW your almost ready to finish rewarding us and for all my support, loyalty and patience if i give you more money now that its playable, i can log in
  2. First, Hello.. After a much too long delay I am finally part of the DU community, can't tell you how glad I am to be here. I know quite a few of you are here from LM, those that knew me from there, I hope to see in game soon and see what you have created. I can't wait to finally get in and try this out. How similar is this gonna be? Tools seem fairly similar.. I was working on this ship when the game (LM) ended and its haunted me since, is this something achievable here, I realize we are space themed here,( I'll make her air tight. lol) but the voxel manipulation is what I am most curious about .
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