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  1. Building and automation will be some of the main gameplay mechanics I will be looking at. That being said creating a market where this is viable means I need to be prepared for the PvP aspects that will be coming and am very interested in possibly doing scouting and exploration missions to support the economic opportunities of whichever Organization I choose to join. I see you are creating a space city and find that to be an intriguing goal. Are you planning on implementing politics and a voting system? Maybe a transportation and logistics system as well? Those are the things that make building objectively more fun versus just building to build.
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  3. As I begin my venture in what I hope to be an awesome and amazing experience let me describe where I come from and what I hope to find here. As for space sims, I began life as a pilot in Eve with 2 accounts. One was a mining and manufacturing account and the other was a stealth and exploration account. It was getting expensive though to maintain 2 accounts so I primarily would only pay for mining account until I could afford plex regularly to keep both accounts alive without using any real money. I stopped playing Eve in 2014 when it just stopped being fun for me. I then tried out a few other games but really got into 3 main games, each for its own reason. KSP was fun for the challenge of building ships that could get into orbit and travel to other planets. I really enjoyed the challenge with newtonian physics and a realish orbital system. Space engineers gave me the opportunity to be creative with my builds and play with automation and programming in a "survival game." I still enjoy this game and p[lay it on occasion but found it lackluster with no real goals and little to do outside of imagination. I found Dual Universe and followed it for a while before biting the bullet, I like the direction it is heading and am really hoping to tie in all I enjoyed out of the other three games noted above. I will be looking for a group to join but am not sure in which area I plan to focus yet. Invites will be welcome but I am not sure when I will be ready to make a commitment as I may plan to begin my own after venturing into the game.
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