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  1. Emitter Terminal Console Requirements: 1 emitter 1 receiver 1 screen 1 program board LINK SCREEN FIRST RECEIVER SECOND EMITTER THIRD. Link All items FROM Program Board to Elements to ensure all links are green. Starts with Entering a Password Default is PASS You can edit Lua Parameters by RCL the PB and finding the button Edit Lua Parameters You can turn off Password Lock by unchecking box in Lua Parameter. To Link Example Script Used in Video Link Receiver then Emitter then 1 Container then Link Switch FROM AND TO PB
  2. Requirements: 1 screen 1 program board 1 door ----------Script could be minified using pairs but for easy reading and alterations I have left script in basic if statements since most dont even understand the basics------- ----------Great example piece to demonstrate that Lua reads the scripts in Order of Operations as long as parameters are met-------------------- Slots Hook up in this order and rename slots. slot1 --> screen slot2 --> door -------------------------mouse up-----------------------------------------------------
  3. ---This script uses program board to read player name who activated it and check to see if they have permission to enter a door while recording the name on the second screen and making sure its not a duplicate before writing to inside screen. If list exceeds screen you can right click screen and copy html and view elsewhere such as notepad Requires: 1 databank 2 screens 1 detector unit 1 door How to Install Paste config and install links in order. Edit Lua Parameter and Put Player name in parenthesis. To add more players go into Lua editor and du
  4. ---------- How to Use------------------------------------- Requirements: Program Board Databank Activate Program Board anytime you want to activate the 3rd person HUD, but data only updates while your in the Cockpit. This is a fix using elements and Lua for 3rd person Cockpit. ----------How to Install: Add Unit tick Up3rd to any cockpit. It will not affect the program used in the cockpit so any HUD can be used with this. Just add databank to cockpit. Then paste Json to ProgramBoard and link with the correct slot
  5. I do not see anywhere I said to hook to a container. I think you may have misread. Link screen then core
  6. ----Edits 09/27 Changed math from U.S. tons to tonnes. 907.185 -> 1000 10/07 Updated svg bootstrap and ADDED MasterOfAll's Newer Version. NEW VERSION MADE BY MasterOfAll Features Time till Destination = TTD Displays Destination that was chosen. Does Speed displayed as Velocity Comes with Sleek White Buttons. Pasteable Form Here Just Paste to PB and Link Screen and Core. {"slots":{"0":{"name":"screen","type":{"events":[],"methods":[]}},"1":{"name":"core","type":{"events":[],"methods":[]}},"2":{"name":"slot3","type":{"events":[],"methods":[]}},"3":{"
  7. recopy PB1 and paste it. Then go inside of editor and change values for product names and weights in the tick. then apply. and right click board set your max container hold weight and switch mopower to "Off"
  8. Thats my bad. I forgot to set some parameters. The script has been updated with a Lua parameter set to work properly.
  9. Basic Ore Monitor. Requires 3 Programming Boards 2 Databanks --two is needed to prevent weird code crossing bugs. later this may be less when they fix bug. 20 Containers of same Size 1 screen 1 switch 1 relay PB1->switch-> relay-> PB2 PB3 Create Events in Lua Editor and Paste the Following as Instructed. 9/17 - Fixed parameter for single boards.Changed some names and Added more exports Programming Board 1 -- Can do 9 Containers OR Read from Databanks ---screen ---databank-----only if your doing more than 9 items added last
  10. Point of a game is to learn to play it. Otherwise your just reading a tutorial book. I mean their is runescape if you like it to be that easy. :) Im here for the challenge.

  11. I welcome you to The League of Solo Players. Its an Organization Dedicated to All the Gods that chose to be solo. This Organization is a tool to connect all solo players regardless of current Organizations to share free information, wether it be gaming issues or to Lua coding issues. Every Player is Equal. All voices will be heard. This Organization Identifies as Solo Player Website https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-league-of-solo-players/#tab-description Discord https://discord.gg/3nCCcJj
  12. A planet where only a one man ship can leave its gravity. With a special ore only found on it. Id like that.
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