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  1. THis is VERY important!!! Every MMO needs the ability for the "landowner" to eject other players property/objects left unattended or griefing and chaos will ensue. I can think of 10 examples that became serious issues on other games. Example: In ARK where some people would surround other people's house with water pipe preventing them from entering or leaving the structure. There are many other examples I will not bore people with. the only fix the devs could implement was to make the pipe non collidable and it sorely detracted from the emersion.
  2. Hi and welcome! I live Just north of Cocoa Beach next to NASA Florida ROCKS!!
  3. I like the idea of having a way to determine your orientation. It would be a more simple fix to add a HUD indicator like when you turn on the lights you get the inclination indicator.
  4. I think the dynamic or static core regulate the size at which one may build
  5. I have played enough "survival" games and I do not want DU to become another one. In the codex it is laid out the suit provides all your needs. While I am all for farming and the like in other types of games I do not think it has a place here.
  6. discordauth:AfTEjFfs6REKCo7mB2Y5S-r3NCQubN2oOlZ_yNR8KoM=

  7. discordauth:AfTEjFfs6REKCo7mB2Y5S-r3NCQubN2oOlZ_yNR8KoM=

  8. Hi, I am Vendar known to my friends as Ven. I have been playing computer games since 1980. I hope to find and help support in Dual a friendly, fun and helpful community of like minded gamers.
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