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  1. @DarkHorizon It appears I don't have permissions to view that link with the NDA, I guess it's for people in the alpha only. I was able to find this, but that isn't too helpful and the links there are also locked away. But from the information that is there it does appear I would be better off not participating in the alpha at all. The problem isn't my inability to uphold one by the way, but my unwillingness to enter into one.
  2. @DarkHorizon Is there going to be an NDA for alpha 2 and is there more information about the specifics of it? I'm wary of signing a legal NDA after my previous experience with one. I feel like this should've been mentioned on the store page since this (depending on specifics) may have dissuaded me from buying the pack.
  3. Hey I just bought into the game and am excited to give it a spin. Sadly I'll need to wait for alpha 2 to start first. Meanwhile I may be on the lookout for a group to join, with my preference going to a small-ish non-aggressive anarchist commune with friendly people.
  4. I recently bought a contributor pack which means I'll have to wait for alpha 2 to start and I was wondering if there's any more information about when it starts other than first half of this year? April has some alpha 1 tests still scheduled so we can narrow it down to may or june, but is there any information out there that may narrow it down further? Any other information, like discussions of new content or design choices would also be appreciated. P.S. Am I the only one that got confused by the icon used by this website? I thought the page crashed in the middle of loading because it looks like a page loading indicator that froze.
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