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  1. Yuuyake

    Another drop in this freaking huge universe

    Hi Aaron, thank you and welcome back ! I'm the first of my group to be active in the forum, the others will join it once Alpha 2 begin. We are discussing the details of our ingame orientation before presenting ourselves to the community. *No spoilers !* But I was planning to talk to them about INA this weekend...
  2. Yuuyake

    Municipalities and Governing System

    We need to erase this before New Genesis find it ! function DeusVult() if planet.intruder.heretic() then planet.intruder.purge() end end
  3. Guys, guys... I'm so disappointed... You started so well... CONAMI was near perfect ! And then... Then you decide to add MDP... It' okay, I guess... But I can't believed you miss it ! It was just there ! To join INA, one must sign CONAMI & CODE - Common Organized Defense Edicts ! More seriously, nice idea and nice implementation of it. And the logo, the symbol of the leaf and its ramifications fit well with the concept.
  4. Yuuyake

    Alpha 2, is that you ?

    *Scream in slow motion* Noooooooooo ! May would have been the perfect month for french players, with a lot of public holidays... Well, I guess I will start a new Stellaris game and annihilate the rest of the galaxy while waiting... Oh... Wait... Did I just blow my chances to join INA ? Aaron, if you hear me, I solemnly swear to not take un-neutral action inside of the Dual Universe, and to blow things up only in the others universes instead...
  5. The chief can go bork himself, I'm gonna team up with Ernie and Bert and take over the street ! Well, we are going off - off topic, sorry Eternal ! That would be awesome ! Combine with the animals ideas, we could create some space zoo, including different biomes.
  6. But what about the "Mighty Chicken Gatling Launcher Super Weapon" project ? My dreams collapse, once again !
  7. Yuuyake

    Another citizen for world 1st real metaverse

    "Protect financial players from fraud/scams by proper regulation and laws supported by military establishments." And not to forget the protective fee ! 😈
  8. FrogSwarm isn't considered as one ? ^^
  9. Yuuyake

    Alpha 2, is that you ?

    Thanks. I've never participate to an alpha before, so I'm interested of doing so. More so for NK and their growing reputation of listening to the players points of view. And even if mechanisms will change before the release, mastering the voxel based building system will take time, so I wish to try it early.
  10. Yuuyake

    Alpha 2, is that you ?

    So saaad... I pledge in the beginning of the month, and was growing impatient to join the game. Thanks for your answers ! I will just have to wait for an official announcement.
  11. Hey ! Over here Emperor ! Follow me quietly... It is not safe for you to claim high and loudly such things ! Wanna attract some BOO, and became the next "accident" ? No, no ! You need to lay low... Observe and learn, as you are not the first to try to unit the people. And for the one who succeed before you, you may became a nuisance. Look, and listen. This world is already building itself, and some forces must be taken seriously. Now, about those... "Secret plans" as you called them... I may be able to keep them safe for you... What do you say ?
  12. Yuuyake

    Alpha 2, is that you ?

    Nine month ago, NOVAQUARK was announcing is roadmap (Roadmap). On it, they say they were aiming for "1st half 2019" for the ALPHA 2, named "Dual Evolution". Today, on the 23th ot April, they still have more than 2 months to keep this schedule. But it's look like the Alpha 1 is ending too, with only one last session planned (planning). So, maybe, it is time time for round 2 ! And time to let the new contenders enter the Ark ! And the program is mouth-watering ! Mass production, market, skills ! Does anyone know if the world will be reset between the alphas ? If it's so, players from Alpha 1 will only keep their original blueprints, is that it ?
  13. Yuuyake

    Interactive Elements Category

    I agree, and there have already been a lot of topics around the idea of connecting constructs : Force field/ray connectors Docking mechanics Merging Constructs. Connecter ... For me, the ability to connect things, and movements between them, is an important feature missing in the game (as far as I know). I was thinking of mechanical connexions, but magnetism would add an nice Sci-Fi feeling.
  14. Yuuyake

    Vote me for Forum Moderator!

    It's not the moderator we need but the moderator we deserve.😈
  15. That's... Wonderfull ! Shockeray, you rock ! We should create a cult in your name ! For my information, how do you get those informations ? You use NK organizations page to extracts informations on organizations and members? With this software, is that possible to add information, as the kind of organisation they are ? Like a color legend for mercenaries, pirates, traders, designers... And is it possible to have a second, lighter version, with the "main ones", of over 50 members ?