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  1. Would love to know the errors so I can fix them. But to everyone else, if you do find something wrong, hit me up and I'll make sure to fix it.
  2. First you must own an account that has current access to the game, if you don't this won't work. go to https://board.dualthegame.com/ and sign in Click on your user name in the top left of web page Click on Profile In top right of profile click on edit profile Toggle the top option to ON, “Enable status updates” should be green with a check mark Scroll down and click save Go to https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/forum/20-the-arkship-pub/ This is the introduce yourself to Dual Universe forum page. Your forum account needs moderator approval, post an introduction message in the Arkship Pub subforum so everyone knows you're a real person. This can take a day or to, but normally is only a few hours. You will need to keep logging back in to see if your introduce your self forum post has been approved and posted for public viewing on the forum page, once this is done your ready for the next part. Open discord, go to the DU server, look for the text channel #newcomers and click on it, make sure you are scrolled down in that chat channel, In the message area to the right on the bottom type ~forumauth (that is the tilde key shift + the key below the esc button) You will see a message notification on the top left under the white discord home button with a little red box, click on this to read message from dual universe bot: Authorization: In order to validate your access to the Alpha sections of this discord, you must first validate your backer status or ATV status through the Dual Universe forum. To complete this process, please post the following text on your public message feed through your forum profile: discordauth:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx= If you do not see the public message feed on your profile, you need to enable status updates in your forum account settings. It's the first option in Basic Info at the top of the edit profile settings window. You can disable it after this registration process is complete. Once you have posted your discordauth key, please reply to the direct message bot with the following command to complete the validation process: ~linkprofile <copy and paste the url of your forum profile here> If you continue to have issues with this process, please contact a discord moderator for assistance. (This message may not display properly on mobile due to a discord bug!) Forum Auth Tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPZuxhz6KeE (for those that perfer video directions) How to Get DU NDA discord access.txt
  3. I think I finally closed the door on my EVE career last year. I started back in the early 2000s, not sure exactly when now. I had not played a proper video game since I was a kid playing Mrs. Packman on the Atari. I watched this news broadcast about some half-crazed fools blowing up thousands of dollars of real money equivalent pixels and though those are my kind of crazies! So I pulled out my crapy computer, ordered parts, and built an entry-level gaming computer and downloaded EVE online. No one I knew played EVE, I had no idea the gaping abyss I was launching into, but I threw myself off the ledge willingly. I tried a little bit of everything and ended up mining in solitude. I now sit here and smile as I remember the morning mad rush to clear the ice fields after DT, the can flippers, and the occasional gankers that braved the journey down from HS. I remember the war I almost started by taking my first OOC (out of corp) alt into the low sec triangle and getting attacked and almost blown up by a blue. I'm laughing at the tongue lashing I got from that, not because I took an ooc alt into alliance territory so much, but because of the god awful fit I had put on her mining ship. I never did learn much past the rudimentary basics of fitting a ship. Not even toward the end when I was flying a mini-fleet of rorqs after the rorq overhaul. For those of you who were still playing then, remember all the smart bombs disappearing off the market for a day or two?... that was me. I had a friend that fitted all my ships for me, he would figure it all out and go tell me what to buy, but something had happened and he wasn't around... think it was a new girlfriend or something and he had given me the basics of what to fit, so off to Jita I went. Since I was going to be using a mobile depot for the excavation drones, why not carry a few different fittings, and one of these fittings was a smart bomb fit. I had gotten everything bought but the smart bombs because I had one question... how many? I had never used a smart bomb, I had no idea if they were single use or multiple use (apparently now they are now modules that require ammo, back then they were still all in one units). I forget how many slots we planned for them, but I took a stab that 8 for each slot should work and I was going to be flying 4 rorqs... That purchase not only wiped out the entire supply of smart bombs in Jita, but left me bankrupt in game. There is a saying, don't fly what you can't afford to lose... and I now had 4 rorqs I could NOT afford to lose, I couldn't afford to lose a single ship I owned at that point. With even the last dust bunny at the bottom of my coffers traded in, I strapped myself in and undocked for null. A day or two later my friend resurfaced and I finally got to ask my question... how many smart bombs was I supposed to buy? Comms fell silent and this very slow, very cautious why came out of his mouth. In a jumbled rush, I tried to explain my confusion and what I had done and the entire channel burst out in laughter and astonishment. Later that day I slogged back to Jita and replenished the market of smart bombs. Now you know the story behind the smart-bomb disappearance after the rework of the rorqs. I never lived that down but it was and is moments like that made me love my time in EVE. I quit and came back many times over the years I played, but I finally walked away early last year (I think, time is a fuzzy and vague thing). I handed all my stuff over to my friend that had so bravely fitted my ships over the years when it was all said and sold in Jita he had enough to go buy one of those new keepstars and a titan. I told him to go yolo a titan for the hell of it, but he never did. In the end, I had built 2 gaming rigs, expanded to 5 monitors, 2 computers, 1 surface pro and even figure out how to use my large screen TV as another monitor and 12 or 13 accounts to run on it all, all in the name of EVE. As much as I love that EVE online was my first online video game, I also hate it. It spoiled me, the unlimited storage in a station. OK, that's not quite true, as I did one day rudely find out that there was a maximum item limit in a station (and containers). The harsh and brutal community that is also one of the most caring and close-knit, I don't think can ever be recreated, mostly because of what they have endured together. The whole global community where you see all different kinds of languages all day long, but in the end the the little things that bugged me, like trying to dock in station and getting an endless black screen while my ship was getting blown up... or that one of my fleet would lag just that extra second on aligning and get left out for the incoming gang became glaring problems that were just too old and tiresome to deal with anymore, but in the end I regret nothing, it was good. I hope the blank canvas that DU offers will be filled with as many, if not more colorful and wild tales as EVE can boast!
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