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#13011 Dual Universe FAQ/Sources

Posted by Cybrex on 01 August 2016 - 03:21 PM

This is a "General Knowledge" thread to help provide newcomers with a list of hot topics, answers, FAQs, videos, and other miscellaneous information that pertains to Dual Universe. This will not contain everything about DU, but it will help point you in the right direction on popular topics and put you on track on how to find what you want.


If there is something you think is missing and should be added, just private message me with the information and sourcing (preferably the same way it looks here).


PSA: Use the SEARCH FUNCTION in the forums before making a thread if you are new. Chances, it has already been discussed and beaten to death.  



General Reference Links (Official)


FAQ from the Main Website


• Developer Blog




Video Links


• (June 16th, 2016) 2016 PC Gamer Presentation


• (June 22nd, 2016) 2016 The XPGamers Interview by CaptainShack


• (July 18th, 2016)  2016 10 Minute Gameplay Demo by JC Baillie


• (Aug. 3rd, 2016) 2016 Lighting Tech Demo For Planets


• (Aug. 6th, 2016) 2016 GrayStillPlays interview with JC Baillie


• (Aug. 16th, 2016) 2016 Server Technology Review by JC Baillie


• (Sep. 7th, 2016) 2016 Dual Universe Kickstarter Video


• (Sep. 24th, 2016) 2016 Kickstarter AMA video by JC Baillie


• (Sep. 23rd, 2016) 2016 Novaquark Open House Presentation


• (Sep. 21st, 2016) 2016 Pre-Alpha Voxel Tech Demo


• (Sep. 12th, 2016) 2016 Pre-Alpha God Mode Tour


• (Sep. 20th, 2016) Open Door Pre-Alpha


• (Sep. 21st, 2016) Dev Diary - Voxel Technology


• (Sep. 24, 2016) Kickstarter Ask Me Anything Event


• (Oct. 5th, 2016) Multiplayer Pre-Alpha Building Video


• (Oct. 6th, 2016) Character Creation Pre-Alpha Video


• (Oct. 7th, 2016) Underground Speed Building Pre-Alpha Video


• (Oct. 8th, 2016) Asteroid Base Building Pre-Alpha Video


• (Oct. 10th, 2016) Asteroid Base Building (Long Version)


• (Oct. 10th, 2016) Multiplayer Freighter Ship Building Pre-Alpha Video


• (Dec. 21st, 2016) December Dev Diary


• (Jan. 27th, 2017) January Dev Diary


• (Mar. 10th, 2017) February Dev Diary


• (Apr. 6th, 2017) March Dev Diary


Forum Links


• "Ask Us Anything" Thread by NQ-Nyzaltar (Community Manager)


• Forum Rules thread by NQ-Nyzaltar (Community Manager)


Other Media


(Music) Dual Universe Soundcloud/Soundtracks


(Youtube) Dual Universe Youtube Channel


(Reddit) Dual Universe Reddit



Other (Non-Official) Media:


(Podcast) Dual Universe Explorers Podcast


(Fansite) Dual Universe Sleepers


• (Fansite) Outpost Zebra


• (Fansite) Community Org/Player Map


Common Topics: (NOTE: All information below is subject to change at any time. Official responses from the developers, and sources, have been linked to each subject.)


• Price Model will be Pay To Play



• Free Trial period: between 2 and 4 weeks.

• Monthly subscription (optional with a PLEX-like system)

• Possible (cosmetic only) Cash Shop. If deployed, we will make it in order that every month, players who have paid a subscription will be able to get some cash shop items for free.





• "Virtual Simulator" for builders to build in peace


Virtual Simulator: enabling player to enter a virtual world (call it “inception syndrome”!). While in that virtual space, the player would be able to design any construct, in a completely peaceful setting. This would help builders to design their construct and create their blueprints safely, without being interrupted by any PvP action. For ships, it will also be possible to test their flight mode, without risking a crash or wasting resources!



• "The Economy"


Standardized Currency: Currently, there is no plan to enable players to create their own currency, for several reasons: - Risk of imbalance: If there is something that needs to be stable for a sandbox game, this is the in-game economy. 


- Development priority: Many features are quite long to develop (even the basic ones). And as this type of game mechanics implies a complex game design behind it in order to work well, it would cost a lot of development time. And for now, it's far from being in priorities


- Fun to play: We are not entirely convinced that enabling players to create their own money would be fun on the long run, nor really very easy to understand and master for most of the players (look how the economy in real life is complexified just by that). While we don't want to go "mainstream" in the game design of Dual Universe, we don't want either to go for a game that will only appeal to a very small population of players. We also need numbers to create a MMORPG full of player-driven stories!




LUA/DPU: We just finished designing and implementing one of the most critical and distinguishing feature of Dual: the capability to script any construct that you make. A construct is anything that you build in the game, it can be a ship, a building, a space station, or whatever. It is a physical object, it can move, collide with stuff and potentially include hundreds of "Elements", which are operational units that you can craft or buy, and freely position inside your construct to add functionalities to it. Examples of Elements are: propulsion engines, control units (computers), doors, weapons, batteries, containers, accelerometers, radars, targeters, drone bay, elevator, and many more. The way the construct orchestrates all these Elements is through scripts, and what we call "Distributed Processing Units".



• "FTL Travel" answered by NQ-Nyzaltar in the Ask Us Anything thread


Warp Bubbles/Stargates: We have in mind to introduce FTL drives at some point. We want to gamify this notion, to make the FTL drive a central element of a large ship infrastructure. You can imagine being heavily damaged during a battle and unable to flee because the FTL drive is detroyed or scrambled, which would start a race to try to repair it and escape. Some people in the ship crew will most likely be dedicated to maintenance of the FTL drive, no matter what. To clarify: the goal of FTL drive is to allow your ship to do interplanetary travel.
Interstellar travel will be the realm of Star Gates, which is another matter entirely. FTL is just "super fast speed" with something like the Alcubierre warp bubble as the underlying tech, and Star Gates are about "instant travel between two nodes" with something like wormholes as the underlying tech. We are not yet sure whether ships in FTL mode will have a physical presence on the server side, if they will effectively travel in some hyperspace and can be intercepted.



• "Unigine 2" Dual Universe will be running off of the Unigine 2 Game Engine


Unigine 2: Unigine is a rendering engine that was well known for GPU benchmarks showcasing advanced Direct X11 features. Quoting their web page, �Unigine 2 is designed to handle virtual worlds of unprecedented scale without limits: double precision of coordinates, supersonic speed of data streaming and huge visibility distance.�. Well, that�s exactly the kind of technology we needed for Dual Universe.


"Single Shard Server" In Dual Universe, all players will be playing in the same server

(Video) Server Technology review by JC Baillie


Single Shard Server: The server synchronization is done transparently in the cluster side. You, as a client, will not see any change. There might be a bit of delay internally for the different actors to synchronize within the cluster, but it will most likely be unnoticeable by the user, as the typical Internet latency will be ways beyond the kind of latency your have in a high performance cluster. You, as a player, get regular updates about what is going on around you, not mater which physical server these updates are coming from. As you fall in the shopping mall, your avatar will register and de-register from several zone several times, and people subscribed to these zones (the people “living” on each floor) will get a notification of your passage. Well, that’s the theory and what we get from our first testing scenarios.



"Active Lock On Targeting" In Dual Universe, combat will not be twitched base


Lock On Targeting: It's too soon to give a lot of details, but here are the basics: what we can say is that it will be much more about tactics than reflexes, in part due to the fact that targets will have to be locked and then fired upon. This won't change as it is a technical constraint to make large-scale battles possible. In Ship vs Ship combat, we will intend to make it valuable to have a crew onboard a ship with several people managing weapons and a central command room to help coordinate the action. As ships will be destructible (as they are made out of voxels), we have currently several ideas in mind to develop combat in some unique ways. For example, the ability  to breach a hull and board an enemy ship. This if of course just an idea at the moment, as we still need to ponder if we can implement such gameplay in a meaningful and balanced way.


"Character Progression" There will be no character levels in Dual Universe


Character Progression: In Dual Universe, you won't have a character level. In fact, it will be more a horizontal character progression like EvE Online: Players will be able to learn skills from various fields of activity right from the start and we're trying to design them in a way that the first level of a skill for a basic activity (gathering resources, piloting a construct, using a weapon, etc) can be researched in a matter of minutes, to make all basic types of gameplay available very quickly. For each basic skill, there will be a skill tree. Advanced skills will provide efficiency improvements, or unlock the ability to use advanced tech for a specific activity.

Here is how learning skills is represented on the lore side: Cryogenic sleep maintained during several millenia has damaged memories of the Arkship passengers. It doesn't affect instinctive memory like the ability to talk, walk and such, but knowledge is gone for the most part. Arkship passengers might even have forgotten their family in the process, as an unplanned side effect (after all, cryogenic technology has never been tested on such a long period before!). The way to compensate this memory loss is to learn again selected knowledge through brain implant over time (a bit like when Neo learns KungFu in the film "Matrix", but at a much slower pace). The interesting thing is this automatic and perpetual learning doesn't prevent the character to practise another activity in the meantime. It's like a task running in the background onn a computer. Such automatic learning isn't stopping when you disconnect from the game.


"Survival Gameplay" Currently NovaQuark are still considering adding survival elements


Survival Elements: We are considering to implement survival gameplay. In the case we would develop this aspect, we haven't decided possible features yet. Some ideas we are currently looking into are harsh environmental conditions, like atmosphere toxicity, gravity, temperature. The goal is to have survival gameplay when you explore a wild, unknown planet, not colonized yet. But once proper gear or element is crafted and population start to grow on the said planet, all the survival aspect would slowly fade as the environment start to be controlled.



"Territory Control" In Dual Universe, you will be able to own pieces of land


Territory Units: A territory tile is an asset like any other, and when you claim it, you become its owner. Like any other asset, a tile is associated to a set of powers that define what can be done with it. For example: whether you can enter it, create constructs on it, mine it, open a market in it, etc. Compared to a neutral tile, an owned tile does not bring much more to its owner, because the owner has all the rights on it. What is interesting however is that, like with any other owned asset powers, the owner is free to grant or limit these powers for anyone by associating them with appropriate tags (see the previous blog post of “Rights & Duties Management System”, or “RDMS”). If those tags are granted with financial duties, the territory is effectively rented, against a certain monthly fee. So you can for example own a material rich territory and rent it for mining to a mining corporation. You can also decide that only very special people are allowed to build constructs on your territory, making sure that you surround yourself with friends, etc.


"Rights And Duties Management System" Sophisticated system for managed roles in your organization


RDMS: The central idea of the RDMS (Rights & Duties Management System) is the notion of “tag”. A tag is basically a string of characters that you can create. The owner of an asset can do two things: 1. assign some tags individually to each of its powers, 2. give tags to other players (or organizations). Thus, being granted a particular power is simply a matter of owning at least one tag that is assigned to that particular power. Example: I own my container C and I create a tag “friend” that I assign to the power “open” of C (this power might have already other tags assigned, it doesn’t matter). Then,I give the tag “friend” to Alice, my friend, so that she can access the container C.


"Stealth Technology" Stealth tech is currently being considered by NovaQuark



• Stealth: We plan stealth technology in Dual Universe (even if it's not planned soon).


Afk cloaking is indeed a problem in EVE.

Psychological warfare is interesting, as long as it involves activity from the player wanting to do it.


From what we have analyzed, afk cloaking has been possible because of a few things:

- the fact that all players in the solar system are displayed on the local chat. If you see someone you don't know, it migh be a spy, or someone planning an ambush.

- the fact that a player can leave from a safe area (space stations) from a unique point (easy to ambush). 

- the fact that a player wanting to leave the solar system generally needs to use a stargate (also an easy place to ambush).


As Dual Universe won't work "solar system by solar system" and there won't be only one point of entry/exit for a safe area, this kind of abuse should have a lot less impact in Dual Universe. And if it still does... well, we keep your suggestions in our papers as possible ways to handle it  ;)


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#12 Introducing yourself

Posted by NQ-Nyzaltar on 16 March 2015 - 09:05 AM

We expect visitors to come from various places and have different player backgrounds.

That's why we opened this section, to know (and understand) each other better.

If you want to introduce yourself, your organization (guild/clan) or just say "Hi", this is the right place to do so!

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#47333 Introducing the DU Search Engine

Posted by Lord_Void on 08 March 2017 - 07:47 AM

I am very proud to introduce the latest product from Evil, Inc!


We have been working to develop tools that benefit the community, and the first such tool is a new data tracking website for Dual Universe at www.du-stats.com


This site will function very much like zkillboard.com does for EVE Online. Right now it is very basic and only shows a map of the community. This will expand as time goes on with new features coming online over time. Most of the back end tools have already been built and feature development is now more a matter of web design than anything else! Upcoming features include forum statistics, friends list tracking, in depth user profiles, change over time displays, alt detection and organization auditing! 


Now for some FAQ:


What can I use this for? This is a good tool for checking on people who are in your organization, or want to be. It's also a good tool to see which orgs share a lot of members or figure out who that person you are talking to is.


Is the data real time? No. The data is not real time and represents the last time when the website refreshed its data.


How often does the data update? Depends. It generally is updated once every two days, but sometimes can be a bit faster or slower.


Why isn't it real time? There is no need for real time data at this stage. Updating that frequently takes a lot of server resources. The update time will be reduced once there is a need for faster data. When the game comes out, the goal is for a 15 minute update time.


Will there be new features? Yes. This is very much an in-development project. Also, I'm not great at web design, so it will be simplistic for a while.


How long have you been working on it? About 4 months.


What do I do if I found a bug or security flaw? Please either report it here or pm me. 


I want my org to be excluded from this, can you remove it? Nope. If it exists on the official site, it exists here. If you don't want people to see it, don't create it.


I searched for my name and didn't find anything. Why? The map that is currently there only shows people who are in an organization. If you are not in an org, your name will not appear. Future features will show accounts even if they are not in any orgs.


Does it work on mobile devices? Maybe. It isn't currently designed for that, but hopefully will be in the future.

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#36470 The Community Management team is expanding! :)

Posted by NQ-Nomad on 12 October 2016 - 03:20 PM

Hi everyone!
Thank you Nyzaltar. It's been a couple of months now since I joined Novaquark and I'm super proud of working on Dual Universe!  I'm still catching up on the numerous things that have happened since the company was founded but I'll try to be as accurate as possible with you, as soon as possible. 
So expect to see me from time to time on the forums and regularly on social media. It's already been a pleasure to exchange with some of you, even if you didn't know it was me at the time ;)
It's very exciting to be part of such an incredible project. The Kickstarter campaign was an amazing (and exhausting) ride. I'm more thrilled than ever to be on board and a lot of work still awaits us! 
Thank you all for reading and your interest in the game and talk to you soon. 

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#14945 BOO - Band of Outlaws

Posted by Cybrex on 12 August 2016 - 06:01 PM











Discord: https://discord.gg/mhAaKmA




Band of Outlaws is a growing community of gamer's within Dual Universe. Our goal when the game launches is to provide a community environment for all play styles. While our theme and preference leans towards the renegades and outlaws, we are also happy to accept traders, builders, and anything else in between. We want to encourage everyone in Dual Universe who has a heart for a sense of community and gaming to join us, whether as individuals or with your own group. Either way, we have a growing support network that anyone can benefit from.


We understand games can be hard to commit to, and acknowledge the fact that people have lives outside of the internet. We won't force you to do anything, the only thing we want you to do is to have fun and play the game your way, hopefully with us among friends. 







Band of Outlaws wants to create a community for those who wish to play out their inner rebel, whether that be through pirating, smuggling, being a mercenary, a bounty hunter, and everything else in between. That is just a small portion of what our community is going to accomplish, as we have been steadily growing in several other games such as Battlefield 1, Conan Exiles, and several more. We want members to join a family of fellow, like minded internet nerds than just some faction in a singular game.


That said, we certainly plan to have Dual Universe as our focus when the game launches, and we have several projects in our development pipeline for our community to participate in when the time comes. I'll list an example of such below.


Project Tortuga: Band of Outlaws plans to accomplish many tasks within Dual Universe with the help of volunteers within our community. We want to create a safe haven for outlaws like you and I, and are planning to construct a free port away from prying organizations who seek to control everything. Dubbed "Project Tortuga", our free port will be available for anyone to use, not just the Band of Outlaws. This project has also been extended to the greater Dual Universe community, and with the help of the Band of Outlaws, we can all have a place to call home.








• Primary language: English primarily.
• Time zone: We accept anyone from around the globe.
• Goal:  To create a support network for players in DU, providing benefits for mercenaries, bounty hunters, you name it. We plan to have several internal services established to let you play out your character in DU. Also, blow things up and make money. 



• Security in numbers: Our safety network will you keep you and your assets safe.
• Community: We have a vast network of players with a wide array of goals in the game, we all support each other in and outside of the game world.
• Trade: We plan to have a vast trade network, where you can get the best deals by being in Band of Outlaws.
• PVP: BOO will need to protect its assets, and we plan to be very aggressive. We will teach you how to fight, and provide you with the ships to do so.
• PVE: We're not sure how PVE will be in the game, but we certainly plan to be apart of it as we know many players may not want to do PVP.
• Exploring: There is a big galaxy out there, so of course we're going to explore it!




 A discord server that is managed 24/7 with hundreds of members playing various games. 


Website/Forums to hang out with other BOO members. (WIP)


• An actual gaming community of internet nerds, with the number one focus being fun. This family is open to all. 


A chance to help create something unique and inspiring. Come make history with us!






Band of Outlaws is not out to be the next mega corporation with an umbrella controlling every sub-organization within our community. We operate under a general community management system with our Managers and Moderators doing all of the admin work so everyone else can enjoy whatever game we are playing.


Within the context of Dual Universe, right now our management for this game is open ended until the game launches and we can see where we need certain positions filled. 






Band of Outlaws will not drag you down with rule after rule. To sum up how we expect members to behave - don’t be a dick. We’re all here to have fun, and there is no reason to be rude to each other. This includes flaming, hate speech, starting drama etc. Let’s act like grown men and women. This also extends to how members are expected to act towards other organizations/communities. Be respectful, regardless of affiliations.







We are always looking to recruit new players, or organizations within the Band of Outlaws. If living the outlaw life is for you, then this is the best alliance to be apart of. We encourage you to apply immediately, and be apart of the greatest organization made for rebels and outlaws like you. Below will list minor details to help you when you apply to Band of Outlaws.


• Applying by yourself as a player? Simply head on over to our community portal and submit an application. Your application will be reviewed, and a voice interview with yourself before we finalize your enrollment. This is simply to make sure we can maintain some sense of security within Band of Outlaws, and that we can both get to know each other and be sure that not only you would be a good fit for us, but that we would be a good fit for you. If you are interested, just apply on our community portal - Band of Outlaws Portal Link


• Applying as an organization? We are always looking for other player organizations to join the Band of Outlaws alliance. Being a member of our alliance has benefits that are listed in this post above. Among those, you will benefit mainly from a wide market audience and support network. Band of Outlaws members and organizations are forbidden from openly attacking each other. We are all allies here with the same idea, and we want you to be apart of that. Simply send a private message to Cybrex, and negotiations will be made. 


If you have any questions regarding Band of Outlaws, please contact Cybrex.






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#50797 News about the last weeks (and the coming ones) at Novaquark

Posted by NQ-Nyzaltar on 28 April 2017 - 04:32 PM

Hi everyone!
The recent weeks have been pretty much quiet.
So we wanted to give you at least some news about what happened recently in the studio:
1- New Novaquark Office!
Yes, the team has moved in a new, larger office!
As the team has grown in size recently, the two open spaces we were in until now started to be overcrowded. As there are some regulations to respect in France regarding the number of people working per m2, we had to move. This is now done and everyone is really happy with the new office! For those who might wonder where we are now in Paris: well, we are still at the exact same address, in the same building... but two floors lower ;)
We've just finished to install properly everything today.
2- The Forum Moderators
The Forum Moderators should have been able to present themselves to the community last week.
Unfortunately, a few technical problems have delayed this. Most of the Moderators have been selected and the Moderator accounts are already created. However, we were over optimistic regarding the Moderator Powers customization. While in the version 4.x, this is something really easy and quick to configure, we are still currently in a 3.x version and things are far less customizable. We planned to update the forum to the 4.x version in the future, and having a powerful admin interface for Moderator accounts is one strong reason for which we are going to do it sooner than later. 
3- April Dev Diary
Due to the moving to the new office and the "end of a sprint" (Scrum system, to organize the development cycle step by step), the next Dev Diary won't be released this week but should be in the next one. We have however a few screenshots to share with you regarding a new ship made by our game designer :)
Best Regards,

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#29751 My Community Has Withdrawn Our Pledges

Posted by NQ-Nyzaltar on 17 September 2016 - 01:15 PM

Hi ChipPatton and welcome to our forum.
There has been indeed a few people on the Kickstarter saying DAC was a "Pay to Win" feature.
We also replied to why it wasn't and why we went for this feature. 
We also agreed that it probably wasn't a perfect model, but it was the best we found until now. 
This was our official reply:


We're not going to be Pay-to-Win, at least not what we define as "Pay-to-Win": you seem to think that trading a month for in-game currency is a Pay to Win mechanics. In our books, it's not. What is really pay to win (from our point of view) is the following: If an item gives an advantage to a player against other players, and this item is obtainable ONLY by paying real life money... then yes you are in a case of Pay-to-Win. That's the exact, original definition of Pay-to-Win. 

In our case, selling DACs for in-game currency allows just have more in-game money. Will they be able to buy many things with in-game currency in a short amount of time? Sure. But all they will have bought can be bought by anyone. It will take just more time to gather in-game currency by just playing. Not a perfect system? probably... but one of the best possible. 
Because if we are totally honest here, if DACs are not implemented, the players having significant amounts of real money to spend and wanting quickly a lot of in-game currency will get it anyway from shady websites. Waging wars against goldfarming website is an eternal battle that can't be won because there will always be demand from some players. In that case, what's the best compromise? The one that has already been implemented in 3 MMORPGs among the most popular: EvE Online (with the PLEX), World of Warcraft (WoW Time Token) and Wildstar (with the CREDD). That way, those who will spend real life money to get in-game currency will help at least those who have a lot of spare time to play but not the necessary budget to pay a monthly fee to keep them playing. Not a perfect solution, but the best compromise we found so far, as this system has been proven quite efficient to keep goldfarmers away too.


The DAC/PLEX/CREDD system isn't at fault there.
The problem is elsewhere because without this system, the problem remains: it's just hidden.
And it's not because something is hidden that it doesn't exist.
The people we got in contact with (probably your officers) turn a complete blind eye on our point of view.
They didn't try to understand our position or even suggest an alternative.
It's always easy to blame or criticize something without trying to come with a better option.
In this situation, how could the discussion go anywhere?
Threatening to cancel the pledges (and doing so) won't change the situation either if there no dialog and just threats.
We want to listen to feedbacks from all people interested in our game and take them into account, but without constructive feedback helping to find a good compromise for both sides, it's not possible. Also, while we want to satisfy as much players as possible, We are also aware that we can't satisfy everybody. 
In any case, we remain open to discussion if you have more to say on this topic.
Best regards,

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#39451 Official Dual Universe Lore Bible

Posted by NQ-Nyzaltar on 16 November 2016 - 02:26 AM

Before starting to read the Lore Bible, here are three things to keep in mind:


- Some names and acronyms (put between brackets) in the texts below are still temporary names/placeholders. The final names will be decided in the following days. The update will be announced on the forum and on the social media. We don't want to keep these names, for different reasons varying for each case. Once in its final version, it will be published on the Community Wiki hosted by Gamepedia in a more structured way.


- It was a difficult decision but we have to consider that some parts of the short story written by Alain Damasio will be modified or removed. We all agree in the team that Alain Damasio has made a short story of the highest quality, but this short story was written more than a year ago (July 2015) and at that time, too many points regarding the game universe were unclear or undecided. With all the recent additions to the Lore Bible (those released today publicly and those which remain hidden as "secrets" for the time being), it generated some inconstencies difficult to solve. We tried to find solutions or workarounds, without success. Some points were also not possible to represent in-game, gameplay wise. While the short story will be updated in the near future to fit with the current Lore Bible, in the mean time here are the specific points from the short story you should not take into account when writing a Fan Fiction for Dual Universe (if you want it to be eligible for being integrated to the official backstory of the game, of course. If not, you are not bind to such limitation).

  • Unfortunately, Sohan Decker is not a member of the Alpha Team, as he woke up just a few weeks before the Arkship landing on Alioth and do not participate in the neural simulation that will take place more than a year and a half before the landing. Aphelia memory must have had a glitch when talking to Sohan for the first time.
  • When approaching some Kyrium, the matter doesn't reflect human faces aging or growing younger. Sohan Decker has probably some hallucinations, a possible side-effect of the long cryogenic sleep.
  • While probably convinced of it, Sohan Decker didn't communicate with an invisible entity by using elements and he didn't get some schematics of a high-performance reactor in Kyrium as a reward. The proof? When asked to show it, he's not able to find it anywhere! Poor Sohan. Probably another hallucination. Cryogenic sleep seems to have a lasting side effect on him.


- The Novaquark might slightly change the Lore Bible over time, but we will try to keep those changes to a minimum, to ensure that it doesn't contradict fan fictions that have been already integrated to the official lore. These changes will occur mainly when an inconstancy is discovered in the official lore. And in this regard, we count on your feedback to track down every little detail that might seem inconsistent (some details may be awkward on purpose though ;)). As always, we remain open to your feedback on the Official Lore. Let us know what you think about it!


That being said... Happy reading!



Dual Universe Lore
Dual Universe takes place about 10.000 years after the Grand Exodus, when humanity left the Earth to establish itself in new star systems. The information below is meant to help answer the most common questions about the game environment and try to set the general framework where fan fiction can be written.
Main historical dates
2027: Discovery of the doomsday Neutron Star that is heading towards the Earth. Collision will happen in 498 years. There are margins of error, so we don’t yet know if it means annihilation or simply major disruption in the solar system’s planets, but the end result is the same: the Earth will not be able to host humanity anymore. The event is nicknamed the [“Star Kiss of Death”], or [SKiD]. It’s basically the Armageddon.
2049: Creation of the [United Mankind Federation] [(UMF)], a transnational institution in charge of coordinating humanity’s efforts and response to the SKiD. After concluding there was no hope to save Earth, the “Rebirth Program” is launched to analyze possible responses and escape strategies. New measures are voted to encourage natality in the population, to fight against a nihilist movement that advocates a “no future” philosophy, and maintain a sufficient level of humans in the long run to fuel the Rebirth Project’s considerable needs.
2084: Better measurements have narrowed the margin of error. We are now certain that the neutron star will hit our solar system, and will actually collide with the Sun, turning into a black hole that will ultimately swallow or eject into deep space all the planets, Earth included. There is no hope anymore. Major funding is directed towards the Rebirth Program. All nation states must contribute at least 20% of their resources
2100: Mankind is entering a new era where robotics and AI have profoundly transformed society. Work as we know it has long disappeared, and social influence has replaced money as the currency of value. People do not “work” anymore, they have “activities” that can get them socially recognized. Money is still used, via a Universal Revenue, mainly as a way to control the scarcity in production, and balance the availability of goods against their rarity.
2130: AI have reached a threshold of global sentience. It is active in political, economic and social debates, and, while its benefits are recognized because it allowed the transition to the post-work era, more and more concern is raised about the sentient aspect, and the potentially uncontrollable dimension of the AI agenda. Irrational fear rises. The AIs try to reassure the population that they have no rational reason to threaten humanity, but it only increases the level of suspicion within society.
2145: Massive rebellions all around the world signals the end of sentient AI, introducing a permanent universal ban on this technology, enforced by the very powerful [UMF]. Against all expectations, sentient AIs accept this and willingly shut down without any form of violent action.
2150: Society is reorganizing itself, as many “jobs” that needed sentient-level AI (surprisingly many, including low skill manual work), are once again left to humans to perform. Robots in general are banned also, as most of them required sentient-level AI to function properly. Early attempts at designing automated non-sentient robots all failed in the late 21st century, as it was discovered that sentience was a necessary byproduct of any sufficiently sophisticated AI for it to be able to interact with a complex world.
2200: A major summit of the [UMF] signals the alarming lack of progress on project Rebirth at the dawn of the 23rd century. Debates continue  for years afterwards about priorities, what technology to use to build Arkships that could help evacuate Earth, who would be eligible if we cannot host the 3 billion people still in the current population.
2200-2400: Major political events keep slowing down humanity and the [UMF] in its attempts to advance the technologies needed to build functional Arkships. Many wars, economic crisis and nihilist terrorism is plaguing the progress.  
2400: A period of calm and peace opens up. Major progress is suddenly made in the technologies needed to build the Arkships. Some are scheduled to be built within the next decade.
2440: Several key technologies are unlocked: cryosleep modules, nanoforming technology, nanopack condensers, resurrection nodes (it is unfortunately too late to use this to save humanity, as we would need to install billions of them out of the solar system, on a hospitable planet. There is not enough time for this).
2450: The Arkship technology is now mastered. Mass production begins. The race is on to produce as many as possible.
2500: Terrifying high resolution images of the neutron star are provided by our most powerful telescopes. Riots break out all around the world over the selection process that dictates who gets to board the Arkships. The process was created by a scientific committee from the [UMF], aimed at gathering the maximal amount of genetic diversity, plus a lottery to offset the fact that not everybody could go. Massive euthanasia programs were organized for those who had to stay, in order to provide them with a painless death at the time of their choosing.
2510-2536: The first Arkships leave Earth. Each Arkship is heading towards a particular part of the galaxy. One of them, the Novark, is heading towards the Scutum-Centaurus arm.
2538: The neutron star annihilates the solar system. Arkships are on their way, heading towards different regions of the galaxy.
12477: The Novark arrives on Alioth with a mighty thud as it deploys itself into the planet surface. From afar the planet shows many similarities to that of Earth, a blue and green marble sitting in the goldilocks zone of its star. Large continents surrounded by equally large oceans define the planet's appearance. Mountain ranges suggest continental drift, and large forests have taken hold over most of the planet. Primitive lifeforms are abundant. There are no obvious signs of advanced lifeforms.
Year 0 after arrival (0 AA): It will be your turn to write History in-game.
The world in 2500
In the century that preceded the Grand Exodus, the Earth’s population had dropped considerably, down to something less than 1 billion people. The “no future” movement had gained a considerable momentum. people were simply trying to tend to their immediate needs; losing any vision for the future or any concern for the consequences of their actions. Natality had dropped to all-times low, crime had been continuously rising, and nation states as we know them had long disappeared. 
The [UMF] was the last large scale social structure still holding, among a myriad of medium to small sized city-states. [UMF] representatives and offices, research centers, production units, etc, were scattered all around the world within the largest city-states. The [UMF]’s role now extended far beyond its initial goals, including a feared and powerful armed force to maintain order and insure that the proper funding was collected from all city states, in order to fuel the Rebirth Program.
A global language shared by all people on the planet started to emerge at the end of the 21st century. By the end of the 22nd century, almost everyone was speaking at least two languages: the global language (the “common”) and their local native language, each city-state having somehow evolved a variant from their original country’s language.
During the first half of the 21st century, the Internet quickly decentralized the economy, removing intermediaries and frictions. Anyone was able to open their own marketplace online, with powerful central aggregators to help integrate available offers. This was both true of goods and services. This highly distributed model of economy stood the test of time, both during the sentient AI era, and even after, up until the last century.
One of the main challenges of the last century, after the city-states model had become the norm, was logistics. Transporting goods over long distances carried the risk of being attacked by pirate hordes living outside of the city-states. The UMF and other independent security groups were in charge of insuring protection, but still, the risk made inter-city trade dangerous, and local markets were the preferred method for basic commerce.
A global currency, the [U2] [(Universal Unit)], is installed by the [UMF] at the beginning of the 22nd century. It has acquired a growing support over the years, and is still used as a reference currency on Alioth to help organize the exchanges of goods and services between colonists.
Culture & Society
At the moment of the Grand Exodus, humanity, and more precisely the [UMF], was divided into four main political movements, essentially different from each other in the way they decided to answer one simple fundamental question: what is the main driving force in the development of humanity? Behind this question lies the promise of a political agenda on how to best rebuild civilization after the Grand Exodus and where to put priorities.
The [Luminous] are the first group. They consider the main driving force to be knowledge and wisdom. They value science, industry and technology as the main sources of progress, and were heavily involved in the Rebirth Program, which led to the construction of the Arkships. They are, of course, very much respected for this even if some may criticize them for their all too rational take on things.
The Alphas are the second group. For them, the main driving force is, well, … force. They believe that people will respond mostly to strength and balance of power. They favor military action as a way to control and orient the evolution of the world in an attempt to avoid chaos and prevent instability. Their intentions are good, but they often fall to scandals involved with their expeditious way of handling subtle situations.
The [Ethereans] constitute the third group. They believe in the power of culture and arts. For them, humanity needs to be driven by dreams, beauty and ideals before anything else. This is what gives us meaning. They are not against more practical endeavors, but like to see these activities as a way to expand and support their vision. They have many supporters, but are also often criticized for their lack of pragmatic action.
The [Emporium] is the final group. They believe in the power of money and commerce. They think that this has been the life and blood of human societies for millennia and, even if they will gladly regret it in private, they think this is nevertheless what gets the job done and can really set people in motion. Some point to them as a cause of an ever greater inequality, but they know how to silence critics and make people happy.
None of these movements are inherently good or bad, they all value human life and sincerely want to help drive humanity to success again.
Science & Technology
After the early 2400 years, science and technology suddenly advanced very rapidly. Incredible innovation occurred, becoming the foundation of the industrial, societal and economical program of Project Rebirth. Here are some of the most prominent breakthrough:
Nano fields: an expected advance in theoretical physics led to the discovery of a new force in nature, called the nano force due to its scale, that allows the fine control of the molecular dynamics of matter with incredible precision using high frequency nano fields. Nano fields can be focused and modulated in a very precise way to destructure, collect or deploy and assemble matter in a short range radius. This is the core technology that gave birth to the nanoformer that every colonist is now equipped with.
Calabi-Yau Compactification: the science behind CYC has been inexplicably lost in the Arkship archives. It is the technology that powers nanopacks, which are extra small containers (that colonists wear on their suit), capable of amazing volume and weight reductions of almost anything contained in them. All we know is that it seems to work based on the possibility of storing  matter within the extra dimensions of space-time allowed by String Theory, inside what is called the Calabi-Yau space. The exact science and understanding behind them has been  lost and attempts at reverse engineering have all failed. Due to the limited number of Nanopacks available and their considerable value, further attempts to reverse engineer them are discouraged.
Nano fields displacement: this is a direct application of nano fields, used to collect, store and maintain matter within containers. The matter constituting objects is analyzed and de-structured first then stored using stable nano fields and can then be retrieved later via a reverse process that reconstructs the original object. Unlike with CYC, only limited volume gain can be obtained, and no weight reduction is possible.
Nano 3D printing: based again on the versatile nano fields, advanced 3D printers became possible. They are capable to assemble matter from reservoir sources to build small sized technological parts; from electronic to industrial units. Coupled to the automated assembly, this quickly became the basis of the industrial chain.
Quantum branching: Quantum Branching is at the heart of the Resurrection Node technology and is based on the “Many Worlds Interpretation” of quantum mechanics. At any moment, in particular when you die violently, several versions of the universe coexist in parallel. Scientists working on EPR pair experiments unexpectedly found a way to instantly switch one universe with another, and in particular to switch the universe where you die with another one where everything would be exactly the same, except that your body position would be inside a Resurrection Node. The amount of matter to switch increases the energy cost of the operation, so RN teleport only the minimal set of mass to get the desired effect, which is... your naked body. A Resurrection Node is paired to your body and cannot be used by somebody else. It will make you virtually immortal, even if natural aging will probably get you out of the loop at some point.
Propulsion Engines: the conquest and exploration of the arrival star system, as well as nearby other stars, is a clear objective of the UMF for each arkship colony. Several engine technologies have been perfected as part of the Rebirth Program to allow for various flight modes, either within the atmosphere, or in space. Warp drive technology was near completion and should become available a few years after the arrival, and even stargate instant transport has been sketched as a not too distant possibility, but was unfortunately still not available at the time of the Grand Exodus. Warp drive speed is believed to be in the range of 100 times the speed of light, while super warp probes, that could be used to seed stargates, could reach up to 10.000 times the speed of light Making it possible to cross the entire galaxy in just 10 years. 
Environment & Alioth
Alioth is a rocky planet orbiting a yellow dwarf star, very similar to the Sun. It has been selected due to its very similar Earth-like environment, including oceans, forests, mountains and lakes. It has a moderate fauna and flora. The temperature during the day is similar to what can be found on Earth, but nights can be extremely cold.
The planet underground contains all the usual materials needed for basic industry, but more rare resources may have to be later harvested from one of Alioth’s three moons, or even from more distant planets in the system.
The planet day/night cycle is only 5 hours, and its weather pattern is relatively stable. Overall, Alioth is a very life friendly planet, carefully chosen to facilitate the starting years of colonists.
The Arkship
The Arkships are a marvel of technology. They can host millions of people in cryosleep for extended periods of time. Made out of Kyrium, they can sustain incredible amounts of deceleration or acceleration, and absorb the corresponding crushing forces for whatever stands inside them. The origin of Kyrium is not well documented, and it seems that the material cannot be produced from a known industrial process, but has probably been found during some mining operations within the solar system.
Designed to travel close to the speed of light for extensive periods, the Arkship engines are also not part of the colonist [UMF] documentation and no assembly schema could be found within the archives. There is much debate over why the [UMF] would intentionally withdraw such potentially useful information. 
Each Arkship is controlled by a proto-sentient AI that was allowed to be built against the very strong [UMF] AI ban, because it was argued that it would have been to hazardous to let the fate of humanity rest with dumb automatic machinery that would possibly not be able to react to unexpected situations. While being an exception to the AI ban rule, the onboard AI is still however not allowed to take control of any machinery or robot besides the Arkship itself. The Novark AI is called “Aphelia”.
Once on approach to the destination planet, the Arkship is designed to literally “plant” itself into the planet, to allow the deployment of deep geothermal energy collectors that should sustain the ship functions for potentially unlimited amounts of time. One of the key functions of the ship once arrived, is to deploy a 20km radius safe zone area where colonist would be free from any form of aggression from the outside, or… from themselves. It was indeed decided that the potentially violent nature of mankind under stressful situations should be mitigated with appropriate supervision. Within the safe zone, Aphelia is in charge of maintaining order, and providing support and information to colonists.
Regrettably, one known consequence of prolonged cryosleep periods is that the subject will suffer from aloss of episodic memory, as well as most high level cognitive memory like expertise, skills or know-how. To mitigate this side-effect, the Arkship archive contains large data banks that are transferable to colonists via a wireless data transfer process involving brain implants capable of stimulating neural activity. The process is slow and can  take days for the most advanced skills, but is an effective way to re-enable lost knowledge for long time space travelers.
The Arkship extreme energy efficiency, designed to allow the ship to travel for millennia, forced trade offs on what could be embarked in order to minimize the total mass, and of course human bodies where prefered over any other “mass”. For this reason, and because nano 3D printing would make it possible  to easily rebuild them, no ship or industrial machine was included inside the Arkships’ cargo. Humanity would have to rebuild civilization from scratch. A large set of Resurrection Nodes tuned to each registered colonist where however installed inside the Arkship to avoid any loss of precious life once arrived on the destination planet. For these reasons, the inside of the Arkship, besides the propulsion machinery, is mostly occupied by cryosleep pods, as well as Resurrection Nodes.
Alpha Team
While most of the Arkship passengers will wake up after the Arkship landing, a few thousand among them become half awakened between a few years and a few weeks before the arrival: the Alpha Team. While their bodies are still asleep, their brains are awakened and connected to an advanced neural/computer network that immerses them collectively within a virtual reality that is meant to simulate their first steps on the destination planet, for education and testing purposes.
During this simulation, of course, nobody can die (this represents the Alpha phase in-game). They are given easier access to certain resources in order to help them experience various stages of the tasks they will have to face in real life when arrived. The Alpha Team will then be in charge of guiding newcomers and helping to bootstrap the first months of civilization rebuilding on the destination planet.
The cryosleep memory loss side effect, and the apparently incomplete archive, has given birth to several mysteries for which colonists have developed many “theories”:
  • Kyrium is an absolute mystery. Nothing is available in the Arkship archives about its nature, how it was found, how to create it or even manipulate it. No colonist have the slightest memory about the Kyrium. If Aphelia is asked for information on Kyrium, the Novark’s AI will just give an elusive answer, explaining its lack of information as  memory loss. Obviously, this is not a satisfying answer.
  • Aphelia is in charge of the Novark and the well-being of all the passengers. She seems as caring as invasive in the private life of the colonists. While she doesn’t seem brutal, hostile or coercive by default, her behavior is perceived as if  she monitors every action of each human that has been aboard the Novark. She also seems to avoid disclosing information on some specific topics - at least that’s the feeling of some passengers - despite the fact she always says if she doesn’t give a satisfying answer, it’s because the answer is beyond its capabilities. For these two reasons, many colonists think the AI is not trustworthy. Aphelia seems to have incredible defenses against hacking, far higher than anything the most experienced colonists in hacking have ever seen, reinforcing the feeling that the AI might hide a lot of things.
  • The Arkship light speed engine is completely undocumented. No schema is available to rebuild one using 3D nano printing, or by any other means.
  • There seem to be no trace of the records pointing to the destination of the other Arkships within the galaxy.




Best Regards,

The Novaquark Team

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#46558 The February 28th Q&A with JC

Posted by ATMLVE on 01 March 2017 - 08:19 PM

I have “transcribed” the Q&A from the video of the conference that was held on February 28th. This is not a direct transcription; I have cut out general conversation, anything that was repeated, and just put in an overall format change to make the discussion that occurred more appropriate for reading. The idea was to isolate information. It was often difficult to hear exactly what was being said, so this was further reason not to quote the conference verbatim. I have not added anything that was not said (there were times when I was tempted to add in some of the things I know about the game, but I didn’t!). If you feel that anything is left out, or that something should be changed, then please let me know!


Something else that I have added in is ‘extra info’. This is stuff which was not directly asked about, but which came up in discussion and I thought appropriate to add.


This documentation begins around the 30 minute mark of the video (which can currently be found on their Facebook page), when the Q&A started.



How in depth will the mechanics of refining resources and creating alloys be?

There will be some pretty deep recipe networks, which will make building complex or high-end elements quite complicated, to the point where the specializations required will be so varied that some of the components will most likely have to be purchased from the market. There will be different alloys which can be created by combining different resources and materials, which can be used to create interesting materials and properties. Alloys may be something that the player can research, to allow for them to find new ways of combining different resources to achieve different properties.


Can you transport hover vehicles inside of larger ships; in other words, transport small ships inside of larger ships?

Definitely yes, this is the whole architecture of the game. The technology of the servers are all made for that, so yes.


How is in-game currency generated? Do you do missions, sell stuff, buy orders?

It is unlikely there will be missions, but this is not completely ruled out. They may be added later, but the main source will be from NPCs/bots on the market, where you can spend your money or sell your stuff. One of the issues with bots however is that they have to be designed such that they do not disrupt the economy; the economy is intended to be shaped by players. The intent is that market bots will amplify or emulate transactions that are occurring between players.


Will market bots be permanent, or will they come and go away after a while?

The idea is that, if there is a lot of activity by players, they should go away, but this is not final. They may be used later in the game's life to make changes to the amount of money in circulation to regulate the economy. The main thing is that the amount of money in the game should be proportional to the number of players, as well as the type of activity taking place and the amount of the respective activity.


Extra Info:

The name of the currency in the game will be quanta. Quanta, the plural of quantum, is a unit of energy; since the currency will sort of be the “energy” of a lot of the game, the name quanta is appropriate.


Does having things in your inventory increase your mass, and does that influence construct physics?

Definitely yes. If a player has a lot of things in their inventory, and they step into a ship, they might push the ship down. A ship with lots of containers may fly well with no cargo, but if the containers are filled up then the ship may not be able to fly anymore.


Will there be chat systems? Global, regional, planetary?

There will be some sort of local regional chat. However, regional is not easily defined in the game; for example, a planet could have hundreds of thousands of people on it, so regional is not something that is precisely defined yet. But there needs to be something at least that allows players to talk to other nearby players.


Will there be such a thing as ship linking; will there be docking ports?

Small ships docking inside of larger ships is definitely a planned feature. However, docking two ships of the same size together gets a little bit more messy. With that feature, large layers and chains of ships could be created. At this point, which player is controlling the physics?


How will construct repair work?  Will there be repair units, or will it all have to be done by hand?

It will always be possible to repair by hand, but there will be repair units that will be able to restore a ship back to what it initially was before it was damaged, provided the unit has the required resources, energy, and time. The repair unit will know what the construct it is a part of is supposed to look like, and it will have the capability of restoring a construct back to that original image if the construct is damaged.


How does the production of ships from blueprints work? Is it an instantaneous process, does it happen after a specific time, part by part?

It is not going to be instantaneous, it is going to take time. It will take resources and energy, and probably if it is significant then it will need to be defended in some way, unless it’s happening in the safe zone. The required time will be proportional to the size of what is being built, so mass producing battle cruisers is not something that will be able to be done overnight.


What happens to a flying ship when I destroy its engine in space? Does it just come to a stop or does it continue at the last known speed?

Engines are physical. So if there are two engines, one on each side of a ship, and one of the engines is destroyed, then the ship is going to spin. The core idea is that engines are physical, so if they are destroyed then that can impact how the ship moves. There is a very good chance that, given that there is no friction in space, a ship will continue to move if its engines are shut off. However, if a player were to be in a moving ship, log off, and come back three weeks later, they would find themselves in the middle of nowhere; this is not desirable.


Will there be cloaking?

There will be cloaking. It will probably not be around at release, but it is one of the features that seems obvious for a game like Dual Universe. This is desirable for a player than may want to log off for a while; they can cloak and lock a ship to keep it safe.


What methods will be available to detect constructs, and to avoid being detected?

There needs to be a way to detect others in the game. There will be ways to scan for players, whether on or below ground; and similarly there will be something like a distortion field that allows you to be hidden from sensors. But, there should never be a totally foolproof way to hide without some weakness. It will also be possible to put trackers on ships, and a corresponding countermeasure to that.


Extra info:

The nanoformer will be able to 3D print basic and fundamental parts and components for the player to use.

Ships can be stolen and reverse engineered; Lua scripts can be read by those who steal a ship with a script on it.


How are scripts shared between players; a script runs client side, but is it shared with players?

Scripts are always running on the players machine, but the text of the script is synchronized, so everybody can see it. So if there are different control units with different scripts in them, one player can start one of them and another can start the other script, and they will run in parallel. Similarly, whatever the scripts do is synchronized by the server for all players. Scripts are run on the clients computer, but several players can be simultaneously running and using different scripts which are all made by a single player (and thus running on that players computer), and all players can see the effects of the scripts. One exception is that you cannot have two players controlling the same element at the same time.


Can scripts be hacked?

Hacking will be a skill within the game which will allow a player to bypass RDMS systems. It will require time, and is a planned feature, but may not be present at release.


Extra Info:

Locations are something that can be itemized; as an example, the coordinates of a vein of ore within a planet can be “itemized” whereby it can be sold on the market.

Reputation will be a mechanic within the game, but exactly how it will work is not completely finalized.


Will armors for players be modular (i.e. heavy armor chestpiece type-A with legpiece type- B ), or are we looking forward to a single-piece type of armor, and in an extent, will weapons be a part of an armor or are they separate customizable entities?

Armor will be separate; that is for sure. It is likely, certainly at release and at least for a while, that player armor mechanics will remain simplified, but the concept has potential to expand.


Can a solo player fly a warship with many weapons, or does each weapon need a player?

There needs to be a player for every weapon; that is the requirement. This is for several reasons, one being that the game is an MMO intended to have players working together, another that it doesn’t make sense for one person to single-handedly control a huge warship.


Have you considered how you are going to do the updates?

There will be expansions every ~6-12 months. Updates with new features will come out at regular intervals.


If you claim two territories next to each other, do they fuse together as one big one?

There will be ways to link territory units. Players will also have the option of having lots of little territory units, or one big territory unit that links everything. This gives the option of having one large easily defended tile which covers a huge area, or lots of distributed and less easily defendable tiles which only allow access to the local territory. One mechanic which may be present is that a claimed territory tile cannot be attacked if it is surrounded by other claimed territory tiles, provided they all have the same owner.


Will players ever need food?

The question of food is linked to survival gameplay. There probably will not be survival gameplay at the beginning, because it requires so much work to be functional, but it is something that has the potential to be added later.


Extra Info:

A bowl of rice is 8 dollars in San Francisco.

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#9003 COPS - Coalition Of Pirates & Smugglers

Posted by Kiklix on 13 July 2016 - 08:11 PM

​Cops has been disbanded. Sorry for wasting your time. This was a lone decision by Kiklix and does not reflect the other legate lady astrum nor the members.



​The following are the answers to why COPS has been disbanded.


Drama:  Certain populous organizations and their legate have been concocting rumors about COPS. Legates from other some what populous organizations have made assumptions about COPS and presented these as facts. In every case these people are wrong and only serve to create drama. There is no reason for all the hate I have received and COPS has received. I am done 'playing' with a community full of children.


​EDIT: Removed this section due to clarification by Novaquark.

​​I would like to thank everyone who made the decision to join cops. I am sorry it could not pan out. I wish you all well, I wish Novaquark the best.






COPS - Coalition Of Pirates & Smugglers.
The arkships landed. We woke anew, scared, unsure. Groups formed, factions aligned. Power corrupted. For all the efforts to save our species, the millennia we traveled, we reverted almost instantly back to that old human nature. Not even extinction could change our habits, our instinct.
We have all been there. Watching and witnessing the mega-corporations metastasize and feed off the livelihood of the less fortunate. Class warfare, poverty, slavery...being forced to work by some clown sitting at the top of his ivory tower barking commands. I’ve had enough of it, most likely so have you. It’s time to break from those chains and live a free life. It ain’t easy, ain’t too much glory, but it’s honest (for the most part) and fair.  We are a coalition, a collaboration,  a consortium, a conspiracy, a communion,  a clan, a crew, a club, a confederation, a confederacy collecting cohorts connected, conjoined, combining efforts to be a free people, free from tyranny, terror and totalitarianism.
Ever want to pilot the Millenium Falcon?
Ever dream to have a crew who works together like Firefly?
You want to be that solo guy who searches for bounties like Boba Fett and his Slave I?
This is how we dream to play and we intend to play this way. However Dual may require efforts from a  larger group. If this is true, we just want to have a system in place so that people can come together to fullfill their visions. We want solo play, but under the safety net of a larger organization.
We are NOT GRIFERS. COPS are pirates, smugglers, outcasts, ninjas, mercenaries in the ROLE play sense, NOT in the griefing sense.

• Enrollment: Some will get invited, some will inquire. If you want to be part of a free alliance just ask.
• Primary language: English and gibberish.
• Timezone: Only mega corps keep up with time.
• Goal:  Solo or co-op gameplay within a larger group. We all like to do our own thing, but somtimes you need to be part of something larger or you will get left behind.

COPS is an organization created and designed to bring together like minded people who prefer to play solo without constraints of typical guild requirements (be here on X day, at Y time to raid Z...ya its tiresome).  We realize people have limited time to play and that real life takes place first. That being said, Dual Universe looks like this might be a game where cooperation and collaberation are keys to success. If we find this to be true, there might be more expected collaborative gamplay required. We don’t want to force anything on anyone, but just ask people to step up if it is required to do so.  In the end it’s not about making a large guild rich, its about making sure your needs are met, our mutal needs are met. We endevor to create an enviroment where co-op game play is actually fun and rewarding.
• Security: Safety in numbers.
• Community: A network of people to work together with if so desired.
• Freedom: Free to play your way but with the undertanding that freedom requires effort and work. There will be times we need to work together, its the only way to keep an alliance strong.
• A Trade network. Not sure how Dual is going to work with trade, but within a group there will be communication lines. We will be able to trade with each other and help keep our alliance strong.
• Veteran ship builders: We have members who have crafted some of the finest voxel ships to ever exist.  Our fleet will impress, this I can promise.
• Veteran home builders: We have members who have crafted some of the finest voxel sci-fi mega structures to exist. Our home world wont look like a cut rate hostel.
• PVP: Lets face it, even if you only care for PVE, PVP might and will happen at some point. If you intend to fly in a ship, once you are out of the ark safe zone, pvp will happen. We intend to create smart ship designs that will help to ensure pvp victories, but you will need to know how to fly it.
• PVE: We know some people have no interest in PVP. Hopefully we can get a civilization started with trade, harvesters, crafters etc. It’s good to have folks who specialize in these categories.
• Exploring: It’s at the heart of Dual Universe, of course we will explore!
• If i can be done in Dual, we intend on experiencing that content in one way or another.

Don’t really intend on having some massive over inflated group of power hungry people running the show. I have no interest in that, however there does need to be a head or some form. Castles have kings, homes have breadwinners. Even a pack of wolves looks to their Alpha. I intend on holding the main key of power or have it distributed among a very close group of friends. Those who know me know I fight tooth and nail for the little guy, for honesty and integrity. I have no intent on telling you how to play or what to do...but internal conflicts will occur and those will need to be resolved. We want everyone to be happy and to play together...its the best recipe for success. 

If COPS sounds like a style of gamplay that you find appealing, speak to Kiklix or LadyAstrum.

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#51863 Impatient Dual Universe Fans Be Like

Posted by yamamushi on 18 May 2017 - 03:59 AM

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#36469 The Community Management team is expanding! :)

Posted by NQ-Nyzaltar on 12 October 2016 - 03:19 PM

Hi everyone!


It was announced a few months ago that a new CM would arrive in reinforcement as the community was growing.

In fact, he has been there in the shadows for quite some time now: he has helped tremendously during the past two months, especially on the social media (if you have discussed with us on Twitter and Facebook lately, there is a high chance it was him who replied ;)).


So we hope you will give a warm welcome to NQ-Nomad! :)


Best regards,


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#33130 Kickstarter: What happens if it reaches the goal? if it doesn't?

Posted by NQ-Nyzaltar on 28 September 2016 - 04:44 PM

Due to recent events, this question is understandably coming up more and more frequently, so we are going to be as transparent as possible and describe all the possible scenarios.
- If we hit the starting goal: 
Reaching €500k is proof that there is a demand for a game such as Dual Universe. This is not the total amount necessary to fund the game BUT reaching this milestone is still vital. If we gather €500k, our investors and partners will provide the remaining funds to complete the game. Reaching more than €500k will help us develop features included in the first stretch goals faster.
- If we don't hit the starting goal: 
1) On your side: you will not be charged as pledges will just be canceled. No one will pay anything. 
2) On our side: if we don't meet the starting goal, we can't promise anything. We might have to make compromises on our vision for the game with partners still willing to finance the project. Or, in the worst case scenario, the game might be canceled if our partners and investors are not convinced enough to raise the appropriate funds.
We are still solidly optimistic that we will reach the starting goal, as the rate of pledges usually accelerates a lot at the end of most Kickstarter campaigns, just as much as during the first days of the campaign. However, we wanted to be crystal clear on this question, just state the facts as we feel we owe that to all our backers.
Best regards,

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#12635 "Ask Us Anything" Event

Posted by NQ-Nyzaltar on 29 July 2016 - 11:56 PM

Q&A 22: Friday 29th July 2016


Will the mentioned stargates function as point to point or more like a dial system from the trope-naming show/movie?


Stargates will be part of a player-made network of nodes. A given node is able to let ships jump to any node that is within its maximal range, which depends on the level of the Stargate. Effectively, this draws a map to where you can go in the galaxy, but unlike most other games, the map is not static and not predefined. Players are creating the stargates, and players can also destroy stargates, nearly blocking routes or even isolating some part of the universe for some time in the process. Building a stargate will involve sending a proxy probe to the desired new stargate position. The probe will travel at FTL speed, but will still need weeks to reach distant destinations. Once deployed, the probe will allow for just one jump, that you can use to send the necessary material and personel to start building the effective Stargate and activate it.

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#8225 "Ask Us Anything" Event

Posted by NQ-Nyzaltar on 07 July 2016 - 09:58 PM

Q&A 7: Thursday 7th July 2016


How long are you intending new players to play before they are able to build vehicles capable of travelling to space? Will we be playing for weeks or months researching the technology to get there, or will we all be flying around by the end of the first day?


(Keep in mind this aspect of the game is still in early development, so what is explained below can change significantly through the game development)


Flying from a planet to another should be a real achievement in our game vision. So it would not be available on the first day of the official release. If a player is here from day 1, it might be weeks, maybe a few months before the travel from planet to planet becomes possible. This is still a topic heavily discussed in the team. However, later on in the game, when the global tech level of civilizations built by the players will have reached a certain point, it will be possible for a new comer to simply buy or be given a ship to fly with as soon as he arrives in game (he will still need to learn a few skills to be able to fly it however, but the basic levels should be reachable between a few minutes and a few hours, according to the flying construct complexity). In short, the game experience for a player present from day 1 might be very different from the game experience of a player coming several months after the game has launched, also different from the game experience of a player entering the game one year after official launch (where many solar systems will be, without a doubt, already discovered and colonized).

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#46093 Dual Universe Radio Network

Posted by yamamushi on 22 February 2017 - 05:41 AM

Hello Dual Universe Community,


We are bringing you today a new idea that is in the works and we want your opinion. The Alioth Broadcasting Corporation invites the content creators of Dual Universe to take part in creating a 24/7 live audio streaming network of content focused around Dual Universe.


We envision a platform that allows anyone from the Dual Universe community to apply and DJ/host on this station, creating their own shows or podcasts based on Dual Universe in some way or another. DJ Hosts are allotted time slots that work with their schedule where they can play music, talk to players, run radio games, talk DU news and more.


At the moment we are still in the early phases of testing our streaming platform and trying to integrate player ads and DJ interfaces in a cohesive manner so that it is as seamless and automated as possible.


We're asking that any organizations that may want their ads played to send us (on discord preferably) 30-60 second ads based around your org (think radio ads). For now, just come up with short, simple ads for the community to hear. We are going to be using these ads to test airspace and control.




In addition to ad content, we are also looking for people who might be interested in being a  DJ, whether live or just pre-recorded content so that we can start running through a beta schedule. That also includes talk shows or broadcasts centered around your organization. If you would like to be a DJ or want to try it out, let us know and we will start testing with multiple people. Requirements for becoming a DJ are a clear microphone (if you're going to be speaking) and you must be able to download (install and setup) the appropriate streaming software onto your own computer. You must also have free time(s) available sometime during the week for about 1-2 hours minimum.


Over the next couple of weeks we will be running through a beta schedule, and while we don't expect much content to fill the air until at least alpha launches, we wanted to get this up and running now with a sane scheduling system and enough content-producers lined up so that we can launch the complete station all at once.




If you would like to be a part of Dual Universe Radio Network, let us know by sending us a message through discord or the forums (this forum). As this is a new idea, we would love any input the community has, so let us know your thoughts or questions below.


We want to stress that this is being built as a neutral, 3rd party group that will take no bias towards any other organization. Our goal with this network is simply to keep it operational and to keep it fun for our listeners. We don't favor one group or another, however, individuals on the network are free to represent their own thoughts and opinions under certain guidelines we will have in place.

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#41483 Thank you NovaQuark

Posted by yamamushi on 12 December 2016 - 03:02 AM

Before Dual Universe I spent countless hours scouring the internet looking for -that- game. I think many other people know exactly what I'm talking about. -The- game that would tie you down and keep you immersed for hours, where you could live in a virtual world and be part of something bigger, where you could build your dreams and be part of a whole other universe. 


I was feeling rather down, depressed or sad take your pick, in the months before I learned about DU from E3. I was feeling kind of burnt out about things happening in projects I was involved in (I was a dev on Bitcoin Classic) and just generally was very mopey. I wasn't sure what else was going to come along that would suck me in and make me feel like I could contribute in any meaningful way. 


When I discovered DU I was ecstatic, and I don't think there was a grain of pessimism inside of me. As soon as I saw the trailer, as I'm sure others can attest to, I knew exactly what it meant for gaming as a whole (especially sandbox gaming) and I just knew what it was NovaQuark was attempting to create. 


I don't think I've been as happy in a long time, being part of DU Explorers, flying out to PAX to meet JC at the NQ booth, getting to be involved in various happenings here and there, everything Dual Universe has been a very positive experience in my life this year. 




Lately, I've been feeling down again. I don't know if it's because of the lack of interest in getting people to be on DU Explorers for another episode (we haven't had one in 3 weeks...) or if it's seasonal or something else entirely. I couldn't even bring myself to write anything for NovaWrimo with all the back and forth banter and arguments between different organizations. I'm just exhausted. 


I'm sure things will turn around here after the new year. Although, unless I can get another episode of DU Explorers together soon, I think I'm going to be taking a break from DU for a few weeks. 




Regardless of all of that, which are purely my own problems, I think the main purpose of this was for me to say thank you to NovaQuark and Happy Holidays to everyone there for everything that you're doing for us.


Even in these early stages of development, what you're doing has had a special impact on hundreds if not thousands of people. I don't think anyone here will disagree that you're doing something that has changed our lives forever.


Between all the new friends we've all made, and all of the excitement we've been able to be a part of (Kickstarter was a nerve-wracking blast), we've certainly come a long way and it feels like we're not that far away from actually being able to interact with each other in-game. 




Thank you NovaQuark. 

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#38758 Dev's troubling silence

Posted by NQ-Nyzaltar on 31 October 2016 - 06:21 PM

Hi everyone!
Despite how you might feel, we are not going in radio silence mode.
A few points that we want to clarify here:
- We never expected either to have a success as large as Star Citizen for many obvious reasons: we started to really communicate about the game a few months ago, we had no celebrity in our team and no big brand to put in front. That alone were legitimate reasons to keep our expectations realistic. We are already amazed to see how far we went in a such short amount of time and we are not going to stop there!
- As Pang_Dread mentioned it, we communicated in the last Kickstarter update that the communication now won't be as intense as it was during the Kickstarter. 
- A few things are coming soon:
1) new forum sections will be opened on Wednesday 2nd of November
2) a newsletter for the end of the week (with some stuff that might interest more than one :))
3) a fan fiction contest that will take place from Tuesday 15th November to Thursday 15th of December! (more info very soon!)
We can understand that you are concerned about our current lack of presence. However, you should understand in return that you can't expect the same presence from a Community Manager in a big company or being a part of a big structure than one in a small company. Why? Because in small companies (like indie studios), people are generally brought to do more than the exact job written on their contract. If not, then the company might quickly run into some problems to work properly. 
Just a few examples:
- Apart the communication from JC, all the comm from the devs is handled by the CMs (who are doing the link between devs and the community).
- Managing discussions on Facebook and Twitter is totally within the job of the CMs (it's really disturbing to say the contrary).
- This might be shocking but yes, Customer Support can be something a CM has to do (and right now, this is also part of our job).
- Internal, invisible tasks related to Kickstarter and hugely time consuming are also among the things we currently have to do.
- Despite what you're saying, Reddit can also be an appropriate place where a CM might have to interact with people interested in the game.
All in all, we would love to interact a lot more with you guys than what we are currently doing.
We will do our best to increase our presence in the coming months.
A few replies are coming soon to some important topics.
Best regards,

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#34827 My Community Has Withdrawn Our Pledges

Posted by NQ-Nyzaltar on 06 October 2016 - 11:26 AM

Hi everyone,
As the topic is derivating seriously in the last pages, it's going to be closed.
To all those who are wondering if the current level of funding already include the pledge withdrawal, the answer is yes: The pledge amount is updated in real time. If someone unpledge, it's immediately reflected to the amount pledged on the Kickstarter page. 
To sum up your point of view:
1) Our communication is canned because we didn't reply directly to your community's experience.
2) You didn't try to discuss with us because the previous reply was canned in your opinion.
3) You said the PLEX is inefficient against goldfarming.
4) You assume that I'm convinced DAC is the perfect too and that, apparently, only my opinion counts in the Novaquark Team.
5) You consider that globally we are non-caring.
So to address this (very) subjective declaration:
1) We read your community experience and we understand that your experience with PLEX hasn't been fun. However, just looking by the prism of one experience, and refusing to look at the bigger picture is something we can't do as game developers: The problem you encountered is something that you would have encountered sooner or later even without the PLEX existence. Why? If unfair players want to harass a specific group and they have money for it, yes, the official staff can close as many accounts as possible if those use gold farming sites to get a lot of in-game money, but the unfair players will come back again and again, as money is not a problem for them. This is a neverending story. As an EVE veteran player, you probably won't refute the fact that you can harass anyone with fresh new toons, only a few hours old, in Tech1 ships in EVE Online. Again, even without the PLEX/DAC system, the problem remains as a whole, only less visible. So what you consider as a "canned reply" is just a different opinion from yours.
2) Avoiding to start a discussion just because we have a different opinion from yours, and that there are chances it wouldn't go your way... It has indeed no chance to convince the Novaquark Team. Self fulfilling Prophecy here. But you have no right to complain if you didn't even try.
3) Three big developers/publishers seem to disagree: CCP, Blizzard and NCSoft (Carabine studios).
Beside that, as gamers, we didn't experience the consistent huge amount of PLEX/gold selling you're mentionning in EVE (Yes, we have EVE players in the team). Do you have something to back your declaration about PLEX system being inefficient beside your own words? If it's the case, we are interested in this data.
4) The Community Manager status seems to have been misunderstood here: having a personal opinion and making the communication (both ways) between players and the Novaquark team are two different things. Whether or not I'm convinced of something is irrelevant in this case: If players have concerns about one aspect, I transmit the message to the team. If the team has an official stance on a topic, I transmit it to the players (the reason why you received twice globally the same answer). Now, while the team won't change a feature as important as the DAC system on a whim, if some solid concerns followed by facts are given in a well-argued discussion, everything is possible (except coming on what has been already promised to other players such as Kickstarter DACs). However, loud voices and threats of unpledging without solid reasons will not affect game design decisions. 
5) Just because we have a different opinion doesn't mean we are non-caring. We care about every opinion. However, we are also realistic about the fact that we cannot satisfy everyone. Nobody can.
If you have something else to discuss with us that are not: 
- Your (unfortunate) experience on EvE Online.
- Assumptions of the real intents of the Novaquark Team (like implying the DAC system has been chosen by greediness, when the game is free, the expansions will be free and there will be a free trial period when starting the game... not really a good way to start a reasonable discussion with a developer).
Then by all means, send me a private message on this forum and I will transmit the message to the team for discussion.
Best regards,

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#30828 Letter of appreciation to Novaquark

Posted by le_troll_des_bois on 20 September 2016 - 07:40 PM

I just got back from the event held in Paris at Novaquark offices. I had to leave a little early, but still, this was quite an awesome evening.


I'd like to thank all the team members at novaquark for hosting this event, you guys rock ! 

Quick run down of events for those who didn't attend:


- Introduction to the dev build we would lay our hands upon a few minutes later by the man himself: JC Baillie

- Fool around with the dev build previously showcased in NQ videos with some members of the dev team to help us out when needed 

- QA session with JC again

- Little drink with the rest of the team and attendees


Where do I start ? 


First, we met very dedicated and enthusiastic people at NQ. At no point did I feel I've been fed some PR bull*hit, or that the enthusiasm or willingness from dev to talk about their game was faked.

These guys really want to push themselves to deliver the best possible experience with this project, that's for sure.


I viewed JC as a strong leader, with a clear vision for the game, an acute knowledge of the challenges ahead and how to overcome them. From what we've seen from the team, my guess is that this project is in pretty good hands.


As expected from a dev build, the control scheme and performance were not ideal, but it ran perfectly. The nice thing is that the game ran on a server, meaning that we had 5 computers running at the same time with people fooling around.

I gotta say, seeing people zooming by in a newly built ship (the first one was built within a couple of minutes), or vandalizing editing those already placed by the devs was really cool.


There was a lot to cover during the QA session and little time to answer all the questions, but the community managers who waited for us with the drinks were kind enough to answer all of the remaining questions. Thanks for your golden patience and, again, enthusiasm guys !


I'm glad I was able to attend and meet the people behind the project, it really gives another meaning to my backing on KS.


Anyways, thanks again guys, and all the best for the things to come ! ;)

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